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Dazed and Confused · 8h ago

What are you doing this Black Friday?

Happy Black Friday, everyone. Today on The Cozy Chicks blog I'm talking about Black Friday and why I don't participate. What I will be doing later today is starting to read the holiday magaz...
Dazed and Confused · 3d ago

Keep those fingers toasty!

Happy National Red Mittens Day! Red mittens will keep your hands warm on a snowy day! (Whew! Not supposed to snow here today, though!) Do you wear mittens or gloves?
Dazed and Confused · 2W ago

A glitch stole my cover!

My publisher, Berkley, is teasing readers of the Booktown Mysteries by not showing the cover for #12 in the series, POISONED PAGES, on the websites of popular book retailers. The color of th...
Dazed and Confused · 2W ago

Don't miss this heartwarming TV movie

I'm absolutely thrilled for my friend and fellow member of The Cozy Chicks, Karen Rose Smith. A movie of one of her books, A VERY COUNTRY CHRISTMAS, will be shown on Sunday. Watch the traile...
Dazed and Confused · 2W ago

Hearts and hearts for a nice cuppa tea

Well, not much more I can add except ... what would go well with that wonderful cup of tea? How about a nice slice of pumpkin bread (with walnuts). What would you like with your nice cuppa t...
Dazed and Confused · 2W ago

Is the simple life for me?

How big is your To Be Read pile? I buy a lot of books and sometimes it's years before I get to read them. I bought a book at Barnes & Noble a while back ... it must have been...
Dazed and Confused · 3W ago

Cold weather = hot soup!

It's that time of year ... Soup Time. When the weather turns colder, is there anything more comforting than a nice, hot bowl of soup. (Don't answer right now) A few years ago, I made my very...
Dazed and Confused · 4W ago

Too many cookbooks? Ya think?

I'm a fiction writer. And when I'm working on a book, I find it hard to read fiction so I rely on non-fiction or tried- and-true novels that I've read half a million times. (I can practicall...
Dazed and Confused · 1M ago

And my cup contains ...

Happy Teacup Tuesday! My cup is filled with English Breakfast tea. What's in your cup?
Dazed and Confused · 1M ago

That's one big tomato

I stopped at a roadside stand selling tomatoes and picked the one that looked the prettiest and dumped them in a bag. I didn't notice until I got home that there was Mr. Gigunda tomato in th...