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Jane Songhurst Hi my name is Jane & I am the owner/creator of The Cupboard Trilogy, find me on blogger & come & joi...

Reads about: scrapbooking, cardmaking, craft, crafts, stamping

Lucia Leon

Reads about: crafts, stamping, cards, craft, card making

Lynn Blakeman

Reads about: family, parenting, reviews, mummy, babies

Patricia Alejandro P...

Reads about: art, mixed media, crafts, christianity, life

Fabrizio Martellucci Hello, I use paper crafting in a way to distract from my disability. I like running a few topic spec...

Reads about: scrapbooking, crafts, cardmaking, craft, stamping

Cheryl Mccool

Reads about: cards, craft, stamping, cardmaking, scrapbooking

Janis Howbrook

Reads about: stamping, cardmaking, cards, card making, craft

Shaz Earl

Reads about: crafts, cardmaking, cards, scrapbooking, challenges

Emma Simpson

Reads about: cardmaking, scrapbooking, craft, crafts, stamping

Lesley Jack

Reads about: cardmaking, stamping, card making, craft, crafts

Colly Dolly

Reads about: cards, craft, stamping

Karen Preston

Reads about: stamping, cards, cardmaking, crafts, scrapbooking

Joanne Elliot

Reads about: stamping, crafts, cardmaking, cards, card making

Debbie Wingfield

Reads about: stamping, cross stitch, cards, animals, family

Catherine Beeley

Reads about: stamping, craft, cardmaking, crafts, art

Kirsti Cook

Reads about: scrapbooking, craft, stamping, cardmaking, crafts

Linda Wright

Reads about: stamping, crafts, cards, card making, cardmaking

Sharon Paterson

Reads about: stamping, cardmaking, scrapbooking, crafts, craft

Lisa Hines

Reads about: stamping, crafts, cards, cardmaking, craft

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