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Defending People The tao of criminal-defense trial lawyering.

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Defending People · 1W ago

List of Harris County Jail Inmates Entitled to Immediate Release

Article 17.151 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure provides: A defendant who is detained in jail pending trial of an accusation against him must be released either on personal bond or by...
Defending People · 1M ago

The masochist says “Beat me!” …

… and the sadist says “No.” It is hard not to pay attention to people who are screaming for your attention. It’s hard to manage your own attention in the best of circumstances; sages have fo...
Defending People · 2M ago

Such an Alpha, He Even Piddles Himself Dominantly

“Trump ‘won’ Putin handshake: body-language expert.” Erm. No. Submissive dogs reveal their throats. Humans show their palms. . . . . The opposite of the dominant handshake is to offer your h...
Defending People · 4M ago

Small Progress Against Implicit Corruption in Harris County Courts

I took Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg to task here for not stepping aside from the decision whether to retry David Temple for the murder of his wife. I saw it as a disappointing exa...
Defending People · 4M ago

Meet the ACLU’s Free-Speech Trojan Horse [updated]

“I’m what you’d call a true believer in the First Amendment,” Rowland announced. “It’s foundational. I’ve criticized the staff attorney with the ACLU’s Speech, Privacy, and Technology Projec...
Defending People · 5M ago

Theory: Direct or Indirect Criminal Trial Advocacy

In hypnosis, there are two basic styles of inducing trance: the direct, or “authoritarian” style, and the indirect, or “Ericksonian” (named after Milton Erickson) style. The direct: “Close y...
Defending People · 5M ago

Old-School Ethical Heresies

JBD asked for an outline of my TMSL talk on avoiding old-school ethical heresies. “Ethics” training for lawyers usually focus on the disciplinary rules. But the disciplinary rules are law, n...
Defending People · 5M ago

Criminal Defense and the Societal-Good Heresy [updated]

[Updated to include David Hardaway’s name, at his request.] A defense lawyer appeals his client’s second DWI conviction, arguing that the client should be punished for a first DWI because th...
Defending People · 5M ago

Criminal-Defense Reading List

Defending People · 5M ago

Criminal-Defense Reading List