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desert spirit's fire! · 2d ago

Porch Stories: Community

Kristin's Porch Stories for two days ago Wednesday offers an optimistic How to Find Community. As she pointed out, Women need friendship like a flower needs water. ... Loneliness is a diseas...
desert spirit's fire! · 1W ago

Porch Stories: Almost Summer

Kristin lives in the bluegrass state of Kentucky, where kids and teachers are out of school until fall. That means it's time to say, "Hello Summer Break!" Just as she did for 2016, Kristin h...
desert spirit's fire! · 2W ago

Porch Stories: Fostering

May is Foster Care Month; Kristin Hill Taylor, who's passionate about fostering, adopting, and every other way to care for kids, offers us Six Ways to Help Foster Families. At the end of my ...
desert spirit's fire! · 2W ago

F Willis Johnson - Holding Up Your Corner

Holding Up Your Corner: Talking about Race in Your Community by F. Willis Johnson on Amazon. Pastor Johnson currently leads Wellspring United Methodist Church in Ferguson, MIssouri, and serv...
desert spirit's fire! · 3W ago

Green Team Talk: Ezekiel

Here's an approximation of my talk this morning to open our Judicatory Green Faith Team meeting; I paraphrased the Ezekiel text rather than reading it, though I've included actuals here.Sinc...
desert spirit's fire! · 3W ago

Five Minute Friday: Should

You can find and participate in the weekly Five Minute Friday linkup at Kate Motaung's place in cyberspace. Word of today is that terrible should!!! What's so terrible about should? For thre...
desert spirit's fire! · 3W ago

Porch Stories: Hardened Ways Pardoned

In her Porch Story testimony to God's faithfulness, Kristin reminds us that in Jesus Christ our Hardened Ways are Pardoned, and tells us: "when we got to our church later that morning, we sa...
desert spirit's fire! · 3W ago

In the City | April 2017

desert spirit's fire! · 3W ago

Home to Paradise | Barbara Cameron

Home to Paradise: The Coming Home Series—Book 3 by Barbara Cameron on AmazonI've enjoyed Barbara Cameron's Coming Home Series especially for the beautifully crafted narratives and for the wa...
desert spirit's fire! · 4W ago

Five Minute Friday: More

Earlier this month Five Minute Friday featured the word enough; this time we get to write about more—Kate Motaung hosts again. Meteorological ConsiderationsLocal weather talk may look to be ...