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Desiring God Blog · 1h ago

You Need the Gospel Every Single Day

Christians never outgrow their need for the gospel. We need simple gospel truth every single day.Watch Now
Desiring God Blog · 18h ago

Lay Aside the Weight of Insincerity

Just like everyone seems to value patience, kindness, and forgiveness, so we all value sin...
Desiring God Blog · 18h ago

Local Atheist or Modern Pharisee — Who Is the Greater Threat?

Jesus faced more opposition from the Pharisees than the Romans. Are religious formalists a...
Desiring God Blog · 1d ago

You Are Better Having Loved and Lost

You are as precious to God as you have ever been, and he is using every inch of this to ma...
Desiring God Blog · 1d ago

Philippians 1:7–8: A Strange Evidence of Saving Faith

When God saves someone, he not only gives them a new love for himself, but a new love for his people.Watch Now
Desiring God Blog · 1d ago

Your Marriage Is Not a Mistake

Marriage is ultimately God’s doing. None of us has the right to separate what he has brought together.Watch Now
Desiring God Blog · 1d ago

The Damsel and the Villain: 7-Minute Spoken Word

This is a story about a hero and a damsel, a villain and a scandal. Relive the gospel stor...
Desiring God Blog · 2d ago

Nothing Can Replace Bible Memory

We can’t just stick a Bible on our nightstand or in our pocket and expect to know God better. You need to let his word sink deep in your heart and soul.Watch Now
Desiring God Blog · 2d ago

Don’t Check Your Baggage: Why We Never Leave Our Past Behind

When was the last time you told someone about the worst parts of your past — the deepest, ...
Desiring God Blog · 2d ago

How to Stay Christian in College

Students, attending college means stepping out into the front line of the war for your fai...