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Desiring God Blog · 1h ago

Deepest Sorrows, Sweetest Joys

Your hardships and disappointments are never meaningless. In Christ, God uses every one to deepen your relationship with him.Watch Now
Desiring God Blog · 15h ago

The Nightmare Driving the American Dream

Millions wear ambition to camouflage their insecurities. Not all ambition is insecure or u...
Desiring God Blog · 15h ago

Will You Ever Write a Piper Bible Commentary?

Good commentaries should ask and answer questions that enable people to see things for the...
Desiring God Blog · 1d ago

Can You Hear God’s Voice?

As Christians, one of the most important questions we can ask is, “Where can I hear God’s voice today?”Watch Now
Desiring God Blog · 1d ago

Mark 8:34–38: You Can’t Buy a Soul Out of Hell

Satan loves to remind us of all that we are missing out on if we follow Christ — except for hell.Watch Now
Desiring God Blog · 1d ago

How God Opens the Eyes of the Heart

How does someone who is blind to the glory of God come to see him for who he really is? To...
Desiring God Blog · 1d ago

God Made You Believe in God

God’s grace is not his response to our initiative. When God gives saving grace, he sovereignly calls dead souls out of the grave.Watch Now
Desiring God Blog · 2d ago

Love the One You’re With

It can be really hard to love the church. Every Christian, who’s been one for very long, k...
Desiring God Blog · 2d ago

My Sin Feels Good in the Moment — Why Stop?

God commands us not merely to flee evil, but to hate evil — not merely to do mercy, but to...
Desiring God Blog · 3d ago

Our Sins Are Many, His Mercy Is More

Christians often feel like they are on a tightrope between believing our sin is too small ...