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Desiring God Blog · 11h ago

Lead Us Back to You

In the local church where I serve as pastor for worship, we love to rehearse the gospel to...
Desiring God Blog · 11h ago

Do Not Love the World

God offers an ever-flowing river of delight to anyone who will drink deeply of his goodnes...
Desiring God Blog · 20h ago

My Wedding Was Supposed to Be Today

I made a life plan when I was ten years old (yeah, I know, crazy). It included all the nor...
Desiring God Blog · 21h ago

Let No One Despise You for Your Youth: A Vision for the Next Generation

Old, young, or in-between, you can change the world for Jesus. Watch Now
Desiring God Blog · 1d ago

The Quiet Plague of Painkillers

As he lifted his tattered backpack to his shoulder, its straps still grimed from the alley...
Desiring God Blog · 1d ago

God Chose You Before You Chose Him

The gospel is deeper than your coming to faith or even than the death and resurrection of Jesus — your belief is the fulfillment of God's plan from eternity.Watch Now
Desiring God Blog · 1d ago

God Saves Whom He Wills

As we come to realize how big God is and how horrifying our own sin is, we will come to understand election as an unimaginably great grace.Watch Now
Desiring God Blog · 2d ago

When It’s Hard to Believe

Believing what we cannot see is hard. All of us are skeptics to some degree. Some more tha...
Desiring God Blog · 2d ago

Does the Bible Prescribe Alcohol to the Depressed?

Don’t open your mouth to alcohol to numb your pain. Open your mouth to speak right things ...
Desiring God Blog · 2d ago

Psalm 8: God Wages War Through Our Weakness

God conquers his foes with babies and rules his world through the frailty of man, all to demonstrate the splendors of his majesty.Watch Now