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Desiring God Blog · 14h ago

What Is Really Best for Me? Applying the Bible to the Same-Sex-Attracted

Which produces better fruit for same-sex-attracted men and women: the traditional or the p...
Desiring God Blog · 14h ago

What’s the Appeal of Heavenly Rewards Other Than Getting Christ?

Christ is our reward — as is everything else that more fully reveals him and more fully en...
Desiring God Blog · 1d ago

My Joy in the Desert

For most of us, the single greatest threat to our faith in God and his promises has been t...
Desiring God Blog · 2d ago

The Pleasure of God in Those Who Hope in His Love

God delights in those who place the full weight of their hope in him. Listen Now
Desiring God Blog · 2d ago

Is It Against the Law to Love Illegals?

With a sickening crunch, the truck plowed into our front left fender. After a few moments ...
Desiring God Blog · 2d ago

The Neediness You Need to Be Strong (Two-Minute Clip on Faith)

Without faith, all your virtues become vices, and all your victories are losses. If you are not firm in faith, you will not be firm at all.Read Now
Desiring God Blog · 2d ago

Who Is the True Israel?

The promises of God are, and always have been, for the children of promise born by the miracle of God.Watch Now
Desiring God Blog · 3d ago

Drowning in a Drop of Water

When you read that God “is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine” (Ephes...
Desiring God Blog · 3d ago

Should We Baptize the Dead?

Baptism demonstrates and symbolically reenacts our spiritual death, burial, and resurrecti...
Desiring God Blog · 4d ago

Ephesians 6:23–24: Can Our Love Be Corrupted?

We can lose our love for one another. One comment, one moment, one interaction can put out the flame of our affection. But can our love for God be extinguished?Watch Now