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Desiring God Blog · 10h ago

To Great Things That Never Came

He went to see My Little Pony recently. I suppose that a little boy can enjoy My Little Po...
Desiring God Blog · 10h ago

How to Climb the Corporate Ladder — for Jesus’s Sake

How can we glorify God in our jobs? Pastor John offers ten reflections to help Christians ...
Desiring God Blog · 19h ago

Everyone You Meet Will Live Forever: Evangelism in an Age of Unbelief

In a post-Christian, post-modern, post-everything society, God’s people are called to oper...
Desiring God Blog · 22h ago

Philippians 2:3–4: Live from Satisfaction in Jesus

Only those who have their needs met in Christ can consistently meet the needs of others.Watch Now
Desiring God Blog · 1d ago

Pleasure Will Set Him Free from Sexual Sin: Augustine (354–430)

Augustine’s influence in the Western world is simply staggering. Benjamin Warfield argued ...
Desiring God Blog · 1d ago

Death Is No Loss

Death is no loss. Whatever you leave behind can’t ever compare with entering into the joy of your master.Watch Now
Desiring God Blog · 1d ago

Do You Really Love Jesus?

Coming to Jesus is more than just believing the truth. When you meet Jesus, you find a treasure more precious than this world could ever offer.Watch Now
Desiring God Blog · 2d ago

“I Never Made a Sacrifice”: The Call and Question of David Livingstone

Today is David Livingstone’s birthday. He was born March 19, 1813. He gave his life to ser...
Desiring God Blog · 2d ago

My Midlife Crisis — and Counsel for Yours

Some men may avoid a midlife crisis, but many of us will face one. Pastor John describes h...
Desiring God Blog · 3d ago

Did God Write the Story You Didn’t Want?

Have you ever looked around at your life and assumed that nothing is ever going to get bet...