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Detour Through History · 5h ago

William King Acklen

From the Minutes of the First Presbyterian Church in Huntsville First Presbyterian at the HMCPL online archives:"...The following children were baptised by the Pastor, viz: William King aged...
Detour Through History · 1d ago

General George McClure

Seeking a Bride in 1795:SourceWar of 1812 Chronicles blog posts regarding General George McClure here, here and here.
Detour Through History · 2d ago

Cowdall And Richmond In A Deposition

The Massachusetts Archives [Search] included an entry that included two names of interest (there were other names listed, too).Volume Number: 112,  Page: 135Summary: Deposition of Thwait St...
Detour Through History · 3d ago

Some Descendants Of Samuel McCrea

This publication focused on Samuel McCrea and his descendants (including my McCrea cousins).Source"SAMUEL McCREA, presumably a son of Alexander McCrea, was born in 1749 (probably in Connecti...
Detour Through History · 3d ago

Lizzie Smith's Estate

Lizzie's brother-in-law was James Vernor, who invented Vernor's Ginger Ale.Wayne County, MichiganProbate File# 9363Estate of Lizzie SmithImage 66While researching the Richmond family:Mary Ve...
Detour Through History · 3d ago


A System of Modern Geography: Comprising a Description of the Present State ... [1843]:
Detour Through History · 6d ago

Joseph Steer's Inventory

Ohio, Probate Records, Jefferson Inventories 1828-1847...:Joseph Steer Joseph Steer (con't)16 Oct 1840Amos Steer and Elisha Bracken, executorsSteer book
Detour Through History · 1w ago

Barbe-Elizabeth Cardinal, Wife Of Claude Dudevoir

Vincennes, IndianaItem taken from "The records of the Parish of St. Francis Xavier at Post Vincennes, Ind.: A.D. 1749-1773":23. November, 1756. pub. 2 ban. 1 dis. bet. Jean Baptiste Racine B...
Detour Through History · 1W ago

An Andersonville Story

We arrived at Andersonville about the 18th of June. We were put in the stockade at that place where we beheld misery on all sides. Sickness and death by hundreds was the program every day. W...
Detour Through History · 1W ago

Tobacco And The General In Kentucky

Petitions of the Early Inhabitants of KentuckyTo TheGeneral Assembly of Virginia1769 to 1792"By an act of 1786 the value of tobacco was fixed at twenty shillings per hundred pounds for Kentu...