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Daniela Marinucci .

Reads about: bio, casa, tester, materasso, pulci

Valentina Terzo

Reads about: makeup, bellezza, review, beauty, fashion

Silvia Lazzerini

Reads about: bellezza, food, cucina, review, makeup

Cristina Aloisi Mi piace cercare, scoprire, elaborare, catturare tutto quello che il mondo virtuale offre. Mi affasc...

Reads about: crafts, technology, recipes, programming, design

Margareth Baldassarr...

Reads about: ricette, networkedblogs, fashion, beauty, cinema

Marilena La Rosa

Reads about: products, architecture, designers, humor, business

Anna Rellina moda

Reads about: technology, movies, music, news, startups

Patrizia Leonardi My name is Patrick Leonardi. I was born in Varese in 1974.
After the high school I attended several...

Reads about: weddings, wedding planner, matrimonio, photography, wedding

Mary De Rosa

Reads about: alimenti, casa, skin care, bellezza, cosmetici

Benny Biffi

Reads about: nail-art, fashion, casa, make-up, cucina

Lucia Lettieri

Reads about: ricette, cucina, food, dolci, recipes

Valeria Reato

Reads about: beauty, cucina, food, fashion, makeup

Tina Inzitari Networker, blogger

Reads about: pulci, materasso, acari, alimenti, tecnologia

Silvia Parodi

Reads about: casa, beauty, give, nails, makeup

Vincenzina Migliore

Reads about: casa, cucina, ambiente, life, creazioni

Fortuna Apasciuto

Reads about: photos, casa, food, bellezza, recipes

Maya-Annino Giulia

Reads about: alimenti, make up, hobby, libri, salute

Maddy Rizzo

Reads about: bio, cosmesi, moda, cucina, tester

Lumachi Deborah

Reads about: food, ricette, cucina, abbigliamento, make up accessori

Rossella Erre

Reads about: cucina, fashion, food, ricette, beauty

Lorena Possieri

Reads about: startups, technology, programming, food, recipes

Greta Miliani Graphomaniac. Blogger. Dreamer-at-large.

Reads about: fashion, style, trends, life, observer

Ombretta Orrù

Reads about: piatti, food, cucina, ricette, dolci

Angela Angye

Reads about: food, ricette, cucina, bio, fashion

Daniela Cazacu

Reads about: food, bimbi, make up

Michela Perfigli

Reads about: beauty, casa, cucina, fashion, skin care

Lara Marletta

Reads about: cucina, ricette

Nazma Iqbal

Reads about: cucina, casa, ambiente

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