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Diapers and Stethoscope · 3W ago

Doctor's Advise

The thing with people is that we always try to find the easy way, or that we try to get everything for free even though we know we're capable or paying for it. I don't mind conversing with f...
Diapers and Stethoscope · 3W ago

The Trouble With Shimmering Inks

In as much as I love inks with sheen, they somehow tend to clog my pen. And it is so irritating.I find myself forcing the ink out by waving my hand hard downward hoping to flush the ink. Or ...
Diapers and Stethoscope · 3W ago


There are so may thoughts going through my mind right now and I'm trying to sort it out. It has been a crazy week. Wait, it's always a crazy week. I long for the days when it won't be crazy....
Diapers and Stethoscope · 3W ago

Morning Boost

Sharing to you my morning tea fresh from my herb garden.It's a mixture of strawberry mint leaves, peppermint leaves, and stevia leaves. Refreshing in the mouth, great for boosting senses. Ha...
Diapers and Stethoscope · 1M ago

Precious One

It was the first time I heard my husband mention about my depression. I never thought that he gave any notice or that he would even acknowledge that it happened. But it did. I lost something...
Diapers and Stethoscope · 2M ago


I have been very angry for the past few weeks. An emotion so strong that it was just so hard to control. I try to avoid people but in my line of work, I cannot really avoid them. In a sense,...
Diapers and Stethoscope · 2M ago


It pays to have an imaginative mind sometimes. Having hyperactive kids in the house, you'll never know what things they'll ask you to do. M likes to keep singing the same song over and over ...
Diapers and Stethoscope · 4M ago

My Weapon for the Next Week

I just inked up my pens. I love using TWSBI. They're smooth to write with and very easy to clean. I am also liking the Studio Series fountain pen given by my dear sister Eshma. 
Diapers and Stethoscope · 4M ago

Putting It All Together

So I made myself a bouquet of flowers using the same technique and materials used in the workshop. But this time, I did it in my monologue sketchbook.I sketched it out first with a pencil th...
Diapers and Stethoscope · 4M ago

Eleven Minutes by Paulo Coelho

I really love his work. So powerful. It touches your heart and soul and makes you think. So what's the eleven minutes all about? Read...