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Diapers and Stethoscope · 6h ago


I have been very angry for the past few weeks. An emotion so strong that it was just so hard to control. I try to avoid people but in my line of work, I cannot really avoid them. In a sense,...
Diapers and Stethoscope · 1W ago


It pays to have an imaginative mind sometimes. Having hyperactive kids in the house, you'll never know what things they'll ask you to do. M likes to keep singing the same song over and over ...
Diapers and Stethoscope · 2M ago

My Weapon for the Next Week

I just inked up my pens. I love using TWSBI. They're smooth to write with and very easy to clean. I am also liking the Studio Series fountain pen given by my dear sister Eshma. 
Diapers and Stethoscope · 2M ago

Putting It All Together

So I made myself a bouquet of flowers using the same technique and materials used in the workshop. But this time, I did it in my monologue sketchbook.I sketched it out first with a pencil th...
Diapers and Stethoscope · 2M ago

Eleven Minutes by Paulo Coelho

I really love his work. So powerful. It touches your heart and soul and makes you think. So what's the eleven minutes all about? Read...
Diapers and Stethoscope · 2M ago

Vintage Flowers

Vintage... that's what hubby said when I showed him this. I tried to do the same style but this time doing it digitally.When you grab this and use it as ur wallpaper, please let me know. Wou...
Diapers and Stethoscope · 2M ago

A Rose Is Just A Rose - Aretha Franklin

Diapers and Stethoscope · 2M ago

Creative Lettering and Basic Florals Workshop

I've always wanted to do flowers but somehow I find them difficult to perfect (naks, perfect talaga). Opportunity came knocking when I stumbled upon this workshop. Torn between attending a m...
Diapers and Stethoscope · 2M ago

An Artsy Crafty Birthday Party

Time flew so fast really.  Nine years and counting. My little girl who is not so little now celebrated her brithday with a craft party together with a few of her friends at Yellow Hauz. It w...
Diapers and Stethoscope · 3M ago

Fighting Diabetes (The Sanofi Way)

I was given the opportunity to be part of a training program that had changed my life forever. I'm a high risk patient with a family history of Diabetes Mellitus on both sides of the family....