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Digital Gran digital art, mixed media, embroidery, embellisher
Digital Gran · 11M ago

The wanderer returns

Here are a few photos taken at different times of Conwy Castle and quay. I just love these lobster pots or are they traps?I'm slowly trying to make a comeback. my circumstances have changed ...
Digital Gran · 1Y ago


I've been very busy still sorting out my life and getting there slowly. I try to take a walk each day and here are some photos of some of my trips to Conwy.
Digital Gran · 1Y ago


This bit of fence caught my eye on the way back from Conwy yesterday. I think it's very interesting as I can see a surprised looking owl and I can feel a creative session coming up.I still h...
Digital Gran · 1Y ago


I'm still plodding along, but getting there slowly. I couldn't get my contact list back after the reformat even though I'd saved it to a memory stick, but I've added all the important ones i...
Digital Gran · 1Y ago

I'm back

I'm sure you think I've done the disappearing act again, but I haven't!I've been very busy trying to get may act together at last. I reformatted the laptop I use most. It's an Acer with a bi...
Digital Gran · 1Y ago

My trip to Liverpool

   Our PROBUS excursion to Liverpool included a cruise on the Mersey and on the way home a meal at the Northop Hall Hotel. in between we had time to enjoy albert Dock. We had a little rain o...
Digital Gran · 1Y ago

Stained glass inspired

   The first image was from odd pieces of paper cut into squares and stuck down in my journal. Of course I couldn’t resist having a little play with them in PSP and I think they look much be...
Digital Gran · 1Y ago

Inspired by John Piper

I really have been inspired by John Piper's stained glass windows in particular. I wish I'd seen the YouTubes of his work before I made my original piece for the book.This was the page I use...
Digital Gran · 1Y ago

Evening sun

I must share the evening sun with you after taking photos just now.
Digital Gran · 1Y ago

Playing with paint, circles and scissors

Three pages just finished.