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Dining, New York Times · 6h ago

What to Cook: What to Cook This Week

You might need a break after the Memorial Day rush, but you could also make something simple, like green garlic toast or stir-fried rainbow peppers.
Dining, New York Times · 1d ago

Your Coffee Is From Where? California?

Farmers in Southern California are nurturing coffee bushes in what may be the first serious effort to commercialize beans from the contiguous United States.
Dining, New York Times · 2d ago

Hungry City: A Journey Through Indonesian Favorites at Awang Kitchen in Elmhurst, Queens

The menu is rambling, featuring dishes like tempeh, goat skewers, and calamari gilded by salted duck egg yolks, but the waiters are patient guides.
Dining, New York Times · 2d ago

Here, Try Some Mezcal. But Not Too Much.

The spirit’s new popularity in the United States thrills many Americans but worries others, who fear for its sustainability.
Dining, New York Times · 2d ago

During Ramadan, Home Cooks Shine

A month of fasting is punctuated with daily gatherings of family and friends, laden with nourishing food.
Dining, New York Times · 2d ago

A Good Appetite: A Cheesy, Oniony Gratin That Brings a Family Together

A few members of the allium family — spring onion, leek and green garlic — benefit from a bread crumb and Parmesan topping.
Dining, New York Times · 2d ago

What to Cook: What to Cook This Weekend

Feast in the lead up to Memorial Day, and treat yourself to clams, barbecued chicken, or pulled pork or lamb.
Dining, New York Times · 2d ago

Bites: At Bay Area Restaurant, Roadside Food With a California Accent

The chef at Dad’s Luncheonette is an alumnus of Saison, the wildly expensive San Francisco spot. Dad’s is anything but.
Dining, New York Times · 2d ago

On Dessert : A More Perfect Cream Puff

Pâte à choux has been around for hundreds of years, but every pastry chef makes it new. Home cooks can, too.
Dining, New York Times · 3d ago

The Pour: Rioja Grapples With How to Define Its Best Wines

Weighing aging wine versus terroir in a region of vast potential, where quality cannot be taken for granted.