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Di's Dooodle Blog · 10M ago

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Di's Dooodle Blog · 1Y ago

Cards, Celebration & Disappointment

Firstly I'll show you all the cards I have made recently, then I'll get to the Celebration etc.
Di's Dooodle Blog · 1Y ago

WOW I Got Busy !!!

Just as the school summer break finished the card requests came flooding in.This card was a cousin of mineAnd this one for my darling hubbyAnother from me, this time for my Sister-in-law in ...
Di's Dooodle Blog · 1Y ago

Still Summer

Its still summer so I am hoping that is the only reason my card requests are so sparse.  Here are only ones finished since my last post.There is one more but it's still on my camera, so I wi...
Di's Dooodle Blog · 1Y ago

Slow down for Summer

Last year the requests for my cards went through the roof, this year is a different story though,, since my last post almost a month ago I have only been asked to make 3 cards.  They are sho...
Di's Dooodle Blog · 1Y ago

No Sun but a Strawberry Moon for the Longest Day ???

Last night the, second only in a life time, Strawberry Moon was supposed to visible but as usual there was too much cloud. So I have missed it twice, the first time I was too young to even k...
Di's Dooodle Blog · 1Y ago

Phew it's been hot !!!

Thank god the summer started at long last and OMG it's been hot.  It's not often that the temperature, here in Ireland, gets to the mid 20's but that's were it's been lately with almost ever...
Di's Dooodle Blog · 1Y ago

Sun Arrived - for a Day !!!

Sure hope that the one day in May that we actually saw the sun isn't the full extent of our Summer !!! However, no sunshine meant I could get these cards made.  The second one is an A4 size ...
Di's Dooodle Blog · 1Y ago

Spring is colder than Winter !!

Don't know what is going on with the weather lately but Spring seems to be much colder than Winter and now they are threatening us with snow & frost again - it's almost May for Gods sake.  T...
Di's Dooodle Blog · 1Y ago

Busy Busy March

WOW March sure was a busy month !!!Started off at the beginning, as I said last post, with the birthdays of my Stepfather, myself and then Mother's Day.  Then along came Easter and I made th...