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Disco Vinyl · 3M ago

Melody and Stop Fantasy by Plustwo

1983 the best year for Italo Disco had so many gems.  Many of which like Plustwo remain relatively obscure.  They had only two single releases but this is the more collectible of the two.Antonella Bianchi, Giorgio Costantini, Marina Bianchi and Renzo...
Disco Vinyl · 3M ago

Time to Move Carmen

Just in case you thought you had my number, I'm going to throw something different out at you.Time to Move by Carmen is a delicious piece of electro freestyle groove.  Think Debbie Deb cross...
Disco Vinyl · 3M ago

Comet by Diux

Giancarlo Pasquini and Alessandra Mirka Gatti are Diux.  A one off Italo Disco project from 1986.CometA super highly coveted rare record from one of the last years in the production of italo...
Disco Vinyl · 6M ago

FACES and FEEL THE FIRE and especially EYES by CLIO

 Moved up to the front again because I'm pineapples crazy.Maria Chiara Perugini is Clio.  Guess where she's from?Clio was a tasty italo disco double A side released in 1985 on Crash records.  Superior production, great synths and pleasant vocals.   G...
Disco Vinyl · 4M ago


Sorry about the break folks.  Classes started and I was back to teaching.  Hopefully it was worth the wait cause I have some real delicious rare italo disco goodies to throw your way.Bagarre...
Disco Vinyl · 8M ago

Leigh Bowery as Minty (an inspiration to Goldy Loxxx and all the other club kids around the world)

Leigh Bowery first made a big splash when he was promoting Taboo with his partner Trojan in London in the early 80's.  It was an incredibly trendy event, and people were encouraged to be as ...
Disco Vinyl · 5M ago

I hear Talk and I'm lovin' it Bucks Fizz morning music classic

Refreshed links from a 2013 blog.  All the Bucks Fizz you could possibly want.Bucks Fizz w...
Disco Vinyl · 5M ago

Join File Factory for faster downloads

Use my link and join file factory.  All of my posts use it so you will be able to get them faster and in every case even when the free downloads run out.
Disco Vinyl · 5M ago

Obscure italian Disco from 1978...Punky Monkey Sound

A 1978 disco maxi single release called Punky Monkey Sound is my latest obscure treasure for your listening pleasure.It appears that Augusto Martinelli is well known in Italy.  I've lived he...
Disco Vinyl · 4Y ago

STOP and LIVIN' IT UP not your ordinary italo disco tunes...HOLY GRAIL

As I've been writing this blog for almost 10 years now occasionally I go back and re-fresh old links that don't work anymore.  Below are new ones for one of the best double sided Italo class...