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Disco Vinyl · 1M ago

Master of None Season 2

Here at Disco Vinyl we don't really talk about t.v. but sometimes you've just got to give credit when credit's due.The new season of Master of None is not only set in Italy but the second episode is jam-packed with Italo Disco.Aziz Ansari is incredib...
Disco Vinyl · 2M ago

Adolf Stern's 1979 italo disco double A side disco dream

Rare and super tasty.  The only thing I wish it that I would have had the pleasure to dance to this one. A super early example of italo disco.  Highly collectible!BOTH SIDES OF THE 45
Disco Vinyl · 2M ago

Change Your Mind Sharpe & Numan

Gary Numan started out in 1977 as a punk rock artist in the group Mean Street but that didn't work out for him.  Apparently he was too arty and creative for them.Luckily he kept plugging on ...
Disco Vinyl · 2M ago

A few Rah Band gems, not just Clouds Across the Moon

This is an updated post containing more songs then the previous one.As unusual an act as w...
Disco Vinyl · 2M ago

Raw Silk

Though Raw Silk only had two charted dance hits, they were both wonderful.  True Paradise Garage classics.  A place where disco still reigned well into the 80's.  Disco never died at The Par...
Disco Vinyl · 2M ago

Gino Soccio

I've been a huge Gino Soccio fan since 1979.  His string of disco hits are all considered classics now. I feel an affinity to him too since he's an Italo Canadian like I am an Italo American.As I'm especially drawn to the space disco sound his tunes ...
Disco Vinyl · 2M ago

Paris Latino

Que bueno que rico que lindoParis LatinoQue bueno que rico que lindoParis LatinoBandolero rockBandolero shockBandolero rockBandolero shockParis Latino was just one of those hits that you had...
Disco Vinyl · 2M ago

Cheryl Lynn was a Super Talent

From her discovery on the Gong Show, national touring member of The Wiz cast, to the background vocals she did for Toto, Cheryl Lynn remained a severely under-rated talent.  Oh the notes she...
Disco Vinyl · 3M ago

Columbus Circle If you read my mind

Paradise Garage classic If you read my Mind by Columbus Circle, was actually a one man does all act.  His name is Scott Yahney and weren't the crowds shocked when they discovered he was a wh...
Disco Vinyl · 3M ago

LIFE WITH YOU an italo disco masterpiece

I'm posting this again because I'm adding the instrumental.  It's just as eerie and italo disco magic as the vocal version.From the intro. which is clearly inspired by Trans Europe Express t...