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disdainfulbeauty · 4d ago

What’s Left

When they found  my body, it was  mummified. Dehydrated skin  stretched like beef jerky over my  fragile bones having been  encased in a coffin of laughing  fleas. No one knows how long  my ...
disdainfulbeauty · 1w ago

Semantic Opacity

Beyond the socially-imposed identities, we weep while we’re weary of the world we face.  The lexicon of power has made illiterates of us all.  Weak.  Defenseless. Away from judging eyes, we’...
disdainfulbeauty · 1M ago

Each Feather It Fell From Skin

How do I continually find myself as the soft fleshy object of fiction? I offer real, tangible, havable affection, Love, I get   ignored. Preference is given to thoughts symbolizing me instea...
disdainfulbeauty · 1M ago

Wasted Human Activities

  We are here to people the Industrial remains of the Wastelands. There is no innocence permitted in the space of polluted breath.  The uncorrupted smile of an infant offers nothing alluding...
disdainfulbeauty · 1M ago

The Sun Shines After the Eclipse

  During different hours leading to the moment   of change, the heart can be shaken stiff making movement labored.   Synchronicity is smiling from side to side in moments like this.  
disdainfulbeauty · 1M ago

Poseidon’s Affection Object

The river was not like it is today, drying up and polluted with human vileness.  Ain’t no   one gonna transubstantiate a drop from that shit show of water:  Depleted water source for the gre...
disdainfulbeauty · 2M ago

Song of the Starved Soul

This life is killing off the instinctual wolf, forcing her   to please others. She howls at the moon, the guide   to a long night of longing for her instincts to stay sharp.    The primitive...
disdainfulbeauty · 2M ago

The Stuff of Nightmares

Listen. The echoes of childhood are statues filigreed with the filth of the earth.   The ground here is unhealthy, and the night is Haunted. The dead just keep on working.    Here are the sc...
disdainfulbeauty · 3M ago

Poem for Patriarchy

Bitter, bloated bloodshot eyes are the last thing   you will see looking down at you.  Men chained to meat hooks,   darling dears just dangling there.  Lepers surrounding each   blood crusty...
disdainfulbeauty · 3M ago

For Wicked Stands

Justice is to not forget what the State deems   forgettable.  Make the injustice bow in cowardice.  Tell the money   men their ideas of value, of worth mean nothing to anyone other   than th...