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Distracted Domestic · 22h ago

Week 12 of 2017 and update

Can you believe we are 12 weeks into 2017 already? Time does fly.First the update:  My sister didn't have cancer!!!! Wooooo and hooooooo Can I get an amen?Hoop view. New this week: TP,; Bunn...
Distracted Domestic · 3d ago

Week 11

My week 11 Hoop viewSome close ups of my recent additions....Fancy F, My granddots pink bunny and the back of my cat.My favorites are peach pi and Jayne's hat and Bella's bunny. Funness!!! I...
Distracted Domestic · 1W ago

Spring has sprung....and Week 10

The back yard is a buzz with blooms and beesThe critters are not so helpful with paperwork.Week 10 hoop progressA little gif fun
Distracted Domestic · 3W ago

Week 9

Not a super eventful week, just one possible ukky event, hence the pink ribbon. If you want to send good thoughts and prayers out to my little sister, that would be much appreciated. I don't...
Distracted Domestic · 4W ago

Week 8

Hoop view week 8. I am pretty sure that this thing will get filled before a year is up unless I go with a lot of fill stitching in between motifs. Flip sideMy not so helpful helperChecked ou...
Distracted Domestic · 1M ago

Slow and steady

Some Stitchy progress....My one year of stitches hoop....Day 47.My dot thinks I will fill this long before a year is up. I'm aiming for 6 months, then I will do a hoop with black fabric and ...
Distracted Domestic · 2M ago

Week Two

 It's a bit windy and wet here. Blew the gate apart and I had to brave the storm to prop it shut. The wind is beyond howling....jet engine igniting loud. It's sending the rain down at a 45º ...
Distracted Domestic · 2M ago

#1yearofstitches...week one

A big hoop makes it look like little progress, but progress it is!Day OneDay 7It's actually a 14" quilting hoop. I thought I needed the room for 365 days of some kind of stitching. I am pret...
Distracted Domestic · 2M ago

It's a New Year!

2017....can you believe it? This year will mark 55 revolutions around the sun and 29 years of wedded bliss.Wow! Just wow! A new year always sparks the urge to do new things for me. I am emba...
Distracted Domestic · 2M ago

Day 30...Dot in the City

Took the Dot to tour a beauty school she would like to attend, then we hung out in the City (San Francisco)