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Distracted Domestic · 2W ago

Week 41

Once again, I'm playing catchup with the blogging. I feel like I need to narrow my focus and really make this blog into something. Or, I could start another page or blog and get all specific...
Distracted Domestic · 2M ago

A whole Lotta Stichin' Goin' On...and vacation!!!

My week 37 Hoop view. And some little doodads I added to represent vaca time.Slowly, but surely, winding bobbins
Distracted Domestic · 2M ago

Week 33

Where does the time go? Wow, 33/52 alreadyI slowed down on my hoop to make it last, now that I only have a little over 4 months left, I am going to quadrant it out and do more than a few tin...
Distracted Domestic · 3M ago

week 30

Holy cow!! Where has this year gone??My hoop shot with a few closeups. I am working on this #sacrepigeon so I added a little pigeon.
Distracted Domestic · 4M ago

Week 28

Wow, it's been a jam packed month. No excuses, just don't have blogging at the top of my to-do list.Let's see what's been happening......................My hoop. Lots of new stuff A few clos...
Distracted Domestic · 5M ago

Week 23

Lots going so gets in the way of creativity more than I would like. Some good life, some ukky life, some mundane life. It's all good in the end.Hoop view of week 23 plus a close up...
Distracted Domestic · 5M ago

week 21 and counting

Can you believe the year is nearly half over already? It's true, the older you get, the faster time goes by. I'm tellin' ya.....wowzers!Lots happening this week. More house hunting and more ...
Distracted Domestic · 6M ago

week 20

Been a fun and busy couple of weeks. Still pluggin away at my #1yearofstitches hoopWeek 20 hoop viewThe cat decided to sneak into my cabinet while I was getting something and then I found hi...
Distracted Domestic · 6M ago

Happy Mother's Day

To the moms. mentors, aunties, pet mamas and all mothered in some way, shape or form!!
Distracted Domestic · 6M ago

Week 18 and more

It's been pretty busy around here so let's just get to it.....Hoop View. I'm doing little motifs to fill it in and a small amount of stitching so it can last the year.The granddot is having ...