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Division of Space · 4M ago

The Ebb and Flow of an Artist

It may surprise you to know that artists can get sidetracked! It once happened to me for a whole year. Not one lick of paint to canvas in that whole time. But don't be fooled, I never stoppe...
Division of Space · 4M ago

September 1st :Painting Challenge! 30 PLEIN AIR Paintings in 30 Days!

Sept 1st12x12 oil by Wendie ThompsonIt is a big day at my house! My grandson's first day of middle school. Grandma day with my 3 year old and the first day of the 30 day Plein air Challenge!...
Division of Space · 9M ago

September Painting Challenge! 30 PLEIN AIR Paintings in 30 Days!

Tiger's and Corn 20x16 oil by Wendie ThompsonAutumn is a time for change and time for challenges! Children go back to school...colors change in the landscape right before our eyes, and weath...
Division of Space · 1Y ago

Paint the Point Winter 2016: Mineral Point from my Perspective...The Benefits of Pushing Through

Light Unto my Path1st Place Award Winner Soooooooo...I got there. (If you read the last post you know how hard it was) I had zero expectations. My only goal was to put some paint on some can...
Division of Space · 1Y ago

Mineral Point: Here I come! BURRRRRR!

So I'm about to load up the car with all my gear for 5 days of painting competition in beautiful Mineral Point Wisconsin. I can honestly tell you that I have never experienced so much retice...
Division of Space · 1Y ago

Paintings 20, 21, 22, 23, and 24 of the 30/30 painting Challenge! Winners and losers!!!

Sweet Rest12x9 oil by Wendie ThompsonPlymouth Plein AirToday is September 30th and it is obvious that I will not be painting all 30 paintings for the 30/30 Challenge. I only painted 24! Thes...
Division of Space · 1Y ago

September 30/30 Challenge #19 Plein Air!

White Pumpkins and Wind Chimes12x16 oil by Wendie Thompson30 by 30...Will she make it??? Who knows! What I do know is I am many hours ahead in "Brush Time"! This one was panted at one of my ...
Division of Space · 1Y ago

30/30 September Challenge Number 17 and 18

Dreads8x8 oil by Wendie ThompsonI've been busy but not busy painting! So I have some catching up to do! Not to worry! By the end of September I'm sure I will have painted 30 paintings. But f...
Division of Space · 1Y ago

Day 16 30/30 Challenge: #1077

#10778x8 oil by Wendie Thompson
Division of Space · 1Y ago

Day 15 September 30/30 Challenge: Sherbet

Sherbet8x8 oil By Wendie ThompsonPushing around some new colors for me. Pure experiment...Pure FUN!!