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dizzycrafter · 10M ago

Plastic Fantastic

I used to make jewellery but find it difficult now to make large pieces because of numbness in my fingers, I'm forever dropping things which is very frustrating with beads. So now I find I e...
dizzycrafter · 11M ago

Purple Haze

I haven't blogged in a while, I'm having to find different ways to craft as suffering with a flare up of neck pain and fibromyalgia symptoms! I have to do things a little at a time witch can...
dizzycrafter · 1Y ago


I love doodling, usually when I'm on the phone on scraps of paper. I couldn't use them for this challenge as they have notes or shopping lists on them! Lol. I'm going to try and remember to ...
dizzycrafter · 1Y ago

2016 Topic 9: Mono Printing - Petal Power

I will be totally honest I'm not a fan of the gelli plate! The project I have designed is using some Gelli
dizzycrafter · 1Y ago

2016 Topic 8: Happy White Space

2016 Topic 8: Happy White SpaceInspired by Megan Wells which is featured on the challenge post near the bottom.I wasn't sure what was meant by ‘white space’ but after reading the post the pe...
dizzycrafter · 1Y ago

2016 Topic 7: Resists BLOOM

Inspired by Paula Pascal LinkFor You CardStamped with Versamark onto watercolour paper,then applied clear embossing powder so making a resist to the colour powders.Sprinkled powders onto gla...
dizzycrafter · 1Y ago

2016 Topic 6 Liquid Sculpting Medium - LILY

dizzycrafter · 1Y ago

Magic Mushrooms - PaperArtsy - Topic 3 - Wax

Encaustic art and wax techniques are completely out of my comfort zone. I read and re read the wax challenge post to get a real understanding what it was all about and I surprised myself thi...
dizzycrafter · 1Y ago

Two Faced - IndigoBlu Challenge - Anything Goes

Sunflower clock Prepared MDF using Slap It On, once dry applied another layer of Slap It On and stuck the sunflower paper onto 
dizzycrafter · 1Y ago

Purple Heart!

Purple Heart!This will be another short blog post as I'm still struggling with the trapped nerve in my neck which is affecting my right arm/hand. Thankfully I am positively responding to phy...