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DkZody Weblog · 2d ago

Because it’s a holiday

It poured rain all night. I could hear it lashing against the bedroom window. This storm is a bit colder than the previous ones. Maybe we’ll get more snow, less run-off. It’s the run-off tha...
DkZody Weblog · 5d ago

Rainy days & thank you notes

Another storm has blown in from the pacific bringing wind and rain. I’m staying home today, doing laundry, baking some brownies, and reading, while staying dry. Tomorrow will be soon enough ...
DkZody Weblog · 1w ago

More around-the-house clothing

I threw away the disreputable pants that had frayed beyond any kind of help. The reason was because I broke down and bought some new lounge wear at a shop in an upscale shopping center here ...
DkZody Weblog · 1W ago

Valentine treats

Here is the table for after-church fellowship.  I guess it was a success. All the food was eaten and everyone sat and talked with one another. That’s what I had hoped for. 
DkZody Weblog · 1W ago

In the kitchen with delaine

Yesterday I started my weekend of food prep. I signed up for coffee fellowship for this particular Sunday because it’s close to Valentine’s Day and I can use that as my theme for the food I ...
DkZody Weblog · 1W ago

Around the house

Ronni Bennett’s post earlier this week about old people’s household habits made me ponder. She wrote about not getting dressed on some days, about changing her sheets (or not), and on some d...
DkZody Weblog · 2W ago

More about that homeless conversation

Of all those conversations I wrote about yesterday, the one about homeless and those unable to care for themselves has more to it than I originally wrote. Yes, I am concerned about older hom...
DkZody Weblog · 2W ago


It was after 7 this morning before I rolled out of bed. Very unusual for me. The night had been spent with wild and crazy dreams which may have made me more tired than rested. I awoke thinki...
DkZody Weblog · 2W ago

Sometimes a sticker is all it takes

Upon arriving at the cafeteria yesterday, I found one of the kindergartners sitting at a table in the back, by herself. This is the little girl for whom I got the alarm clock.  Now she was t...
DkZody Weblog · 2W ago

Working with small children can be hazardous

Small children cough, sneeze, and wipe their hands on me. A flu shot is mandatory. I take probiotics to stay healthy. I also change out of my school clothes as soon as I get home. I’m always...