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Luke Simmons

Reads about: humor, parenting, life, writing, family

Jamie Hood

Reads about: food, recipes, weight loss, diet, weight watchers

Erin Drello Aspiring writer, newly sober, headed back to school... Avid music lover and health junkie.

Reads about: music, food, technology, photography, cooking

Vicki Martin I'm a 1940s/1950s obsessed dame who loves to write waggish tales about my life. I do this for selfis...

Reads about: weight watchers, diet, humour, bipolar, weight loss

Tim Kusner I am an Experienced Pastoral Leader and Administrator, as well as a Consultant for Catholic Radio & ...

Reads about: catholic, prolife, catholicism, christian, christianity

Suzanne Muir

Reads about: weight watchers, food, health, weight loss, recipes

Cathy Scott

Reads about: humor, faith, life, weight watchers, parenting

Sarah Sydir

Reads about: weight watchers, humor, diet

Christa Worth Weltz

Reads about: weight watchers, diet, weight loss, humor, weight

Paul Keirnan

Reads about: weight loss, slimming, fitness, diet, diets

Luanne Deshetler

Reads about: recipes, baking, food, cooking, diet

Gavin Walsh

Reads about: diet, fitness, weight loss, nutrition, health

Barbara Clancy Ift

Reads about: weight watchers, humor, diet

Jaime Patteson

Reads about: weight watchers, humor, diet

Nancy Tracy

Reads about: diet, weight loss, health, fitness, nutrition

Angela Johnston Meye...

Reads about: weight watchers, weight loss, recipes, diet, healthy living

Melinda Carpenter Mc...

Reads about: healthy, recipes, weight watchers, moms, diet

Betty Taylor

Reads about: genealogy, family history, ancestry, history, family

Fran Vic

Reads about: mental health, art, psychology, craft, diet

Holly Naim 46 years old. Currently on Weight Watchers for the second time. Down 24 lbs.

Reads about: weight loss, exercise, weight watchers, diet, health

Teneil Fedy

Reads about: weight watchers, humor, diet

Melissa Nechitilo

Reads about: weight watchers, low fat, humor, moms, chickens

Laurie Richards

Reads about: weight watchers, crafts, recipes, diet, weight loss

Jackie Ameling Quinl...

Reads about: weight watchers, humor, diet

Nicole Johnny

Reads about: paper crafting, cards, scrapbooking, templates, humor

April Stobbart

Reads about: weight watchers, weight loss, health, recipes, exercise

Laura Thornton Harri...

Reads about: social media, humor, business renegades, marketing, financial freedom

Holley Perry the blogger at Destino. I like books, comic books, photography and shoes. :)

Reads about: humor, comic books, comics, art, parenting

Melissa Willems Pett... New here! :)

Reads about: reviews, humor, giveaways, blogging, family

Geri Salitsky

Reads about: health, fitness, nutrition, gardening, coffeeteafood

Shelleesi Ubeika

Reads about: weight watchers, humor, diet

Myra Baldwin

Reads about: weight loss, christian, diet, health, humor

Laurie Heidman I may be a certified personal trainer, I struggle with the same issues as countless other women. I ...

Reads about: fitness, health, fashion, nutrition, weight loss

Amanda Perkins

Reads about: moms, running, fitness

Dawn Aggeler Bybee

Reads about: health, weight watchers, recipes, chickens, farm

Gina Gaetano Fenton Extreme Mom is a running commentary of the actual conversation taking place in my head. My thought b...

Reads about: parenting, humor, family, life, motherhood

Rachel Black

Reads about: weight watchers, humor, diet

Meghan Greenwood Joh...

Reads about: weight watchers, humor, diet

Christy Daniell

Reads about: fitness, diet, weight watchers, music blog, moms

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