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Don't throw a 1 · 9h ago

Franco-Prussian War Batrep - The Battle of Les Collines qui Bouge, August 1870

Reject Richard umpired a 15mm Franco-Prussian game last weekend. Its the first Franco-Prussian game I've played for years, in pre-blog days they were a staple game in the shed, but they've b...
Don't throw a 1 · 5d ago

AHPC VII Donnybrook - Woodland Indians with Muskets

Can't believe that this is Don't throw a 1's 600th post!And for post 600, what better to have than 12 Perry Miniatures WoodlandIndians with muskets!They were my 7th entry into the Analogue H...
Don't throw a 1 · 1W ago

AHPC VII Donnybrook Pioneers/Sapper

For my 6th entry into the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge, you'll all be surprised that I've gone all Donnybrook again??Never?
Don't throw a 1 · 1W ago

AHPC VII Terrain Home Bonus - Protect our village

Another difficult bonus round for the 7th Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge."Terrain Home"After a few days pondering I came up with this "Protect our village"I had quite a few Militia type...
Don't throw a 1 · 3W ago

The Battle of Kirchdorf 1809, A Napoleonic Batrep

Finally, I played my first game of the 2017!For a change it wasn't Postie reffing the game nor were they his figures. Ian's been collecting his 25mm Napoleonics for quite a few years now and...
Don't throw a 1 · 3W ago

AHPC VII Bonus Round "East" John Easton

Entry number 4 into the Challenge and its Bonus round again. This time the Bonus word is "East". And once again our leader Curt had me stumped! I don't have any Eastern figures, apart from a...
Don't throw a 1 · 1M ago

AHPC VII. Entry 3 - Donnybrook - 25mm Woodland Indians

 "Concentrate on one thing at a time".........this is what I told myself in October, "Justpaint the French for Donnybrook in the Challenge".....did I listen?Nope!So for my third entry into t...
Don't throw a 1 · 1M ago

AHPC VII. Armour Bonus Round - 25mm Donnybrook English Engineer

 Its Bonus round time!!And our first Bonus round was "Armour"I don't really do any periods that use armour per say, so this was the best I could dothis Dixon Miniature from their Grand Allia...
Don't throw a 1 · 1M ago

AHPC VII 1st entry 2 x Mounted Moors

As some of you may be aware its Painting challenge time and this is my first entry into the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge VII.These 2 were undercoated during the last Challenge, and al...
Don't throw a 1 · 1M ago

Happy New Year 2017

Wishing everyone a very cheeky Happy New Year!Only 2 resolutions this year..... Paint more and play more!All the best in 2017Ray