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Dory's Backyard · 10h ago

TT - BFF Reunion Part Deux!

Mini Dory here again this week with Mama and her BFF to show you some more of the fun things we did!!One afternoon we went to Napa Valley and the peeps did some wine tasting!
Dory's Backyard · 1d ago

Blogville Picnic Deets!

Hi All!! Jakey and I are here together today to tell you more about the Blogville Picnic!Make sure to fill up a picnic basket and join the fun!!We are hoping Abby Lab will be driving around ...
Dory's Backyard · 2d ago

BW Happy Dog Ussie

We had Daddy help us take this Ussie during our last hike!We are  joining The Cat on My Head this week for Selfie Sunday
Dory's Backyard · 3d ago

Caturday Art-y

I am trying to "keep it together" today while Mama runs around like a crazy lady getting ready for our trip to Oregon for the Mini B.A.R.!!We are joining Athena over at Athena Cat Goddess Wi...
Dory's Backyard · 4d ago

Flowers Around da 'Hood!

Today I, Jakey, and my little furiends are celebrating flower Friday by showing you all some flowers we have been seeing bloom around the neighborhood!!Here are some interesting yellow flowe...
Dory's Backyard · 4d ago

Thankful Thursday

 Today we are thankful for something that helps me keep an eye on the neighborhood while staying comfy.... and where I can wait for Daddy, and take a nap if I get tired....We are so very tha...
Dory's Backyard · 4d ago

Walkin' on a Wordless Wednesday

 We are joining  BlogPaws for Wordless Wednesday this week!
Dory's Backyard · 1w ago

Playing Travel Guide in San Francisco!

This week I, Mini Dory, will be starting a three part Travel Tuesday Adventure about my recent stint as tour guide in San Francisco and a few surrounding areas! It all started when Mama told...
Dory's Backyard · 1W ago

Blogville Planning Session!!

Helloooooo Blogvillllle!!Mabel and I(Arty) are in our Mayoral offices this morning getting things ready for Fall in Blogville! With a change of seasons coming up, we thought this would be th...
Dory's Backyard · 1W ago

BW Selfie Sunday!

 We had Mama help us this week and had her take our selfies after one of our daily walkies...As you might have guessed, it's the most wonderful part of the day!!