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Dory's Backyard · 9h ago

Photo Shoots and Thank You

Hi efurryone! Rosy here today to share with the fun parts of my training this week!Mama and me work on the boring training stuff every daylike sit, stay and leave it.  We are learning all ki...
Dory's Backyard · 9h ago

Monday Morning Mischief

Arty here today with a peak at our typical post breakfast morning routine when we all climb into bed to wait for Daddy to finish in the shower and come play with us.... I hide under Daddy's...
Dory's Backyard · 9h ago

Selfie Sunday!

I want to thank effuryone for their well wishes! I am feeling much better PLUS I am getting delicious duck pate(for doggies) for dinner for the next few days!I, Jakey, have been spending lot...
Dory's Backyard · 3d ago

Caturday Art-y

Today I got together with Mama to create an artistic representation of how I felt yesterday after I my teefies cleaned and three of them taken away...I call it  Ouchy
Dory's Backyard · 4d ago

Flower Friday with Rosy

Seriously Mama...Flower Fairy?? I is a fierce Lhasa Lion!!Happy Flower Friday Effuryone! Mama here today, along with Flower Fairy Rosy, to show you what October looks like at Sequoia Gardens...
Dory's Backyard · 5d ago

BOO...Bars #ChewyInfluencer

  We love being #chewyinfluencers,  every month Natalie and give us the chance to try some new and, most of the time, delicious new product in exchange for our true blue honest opi...
Dory's Backyard · 6d ago

WW- I is Sooooooo Fierce!!

Dory's Backyard · 1w ago

Training Tuesdays with Rosy

Rosy here today, for some reason Mama seems to think I am in need of some training! I think I am already pretty smart, I  mean sheesh, I potty trained myself and everything!   Mama says I am...
Dory's Backyard · 1w ago

Keeping Busy in Blogville!

Mayor Arty here today to share all the fun things happening around Blogville this month! First off, get ready to share what you are doing for your local shelter during our No Tricks Just Tr...
Dory's Backyard · 1w ago

Selfie Sunday Funday!

 What's that Mama?? You will gimme LOTS of treats if I can get my brofurs together for an Ussie??Bring on da treats!!We are  joining The Cat on My Head this week for Selfie Sunday!