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Dory's Backyard · 2d ago

President's Day Tunneling

 Happy President's Day efurrybody! Today, in honor of President Washington and President Lincoln, I will be showing you my latest tunneling project!  First, let me show you the most favorite...
Dory's Backyard · 5d ago

Chewy Fun on Friday as a #ChewyInfluencer

 Rosy here today to tell you all about the special chewy Natalie over at asked me to review this month!Let's open the box and take a look! This month, for National Pet Dental Healt...
Dory's Backyard · 5d ago

So Much to Be Thankful for on Thursday

First, we want to thank everyone for such a fun Blog Hop yesterday!! We had a blast hopping around and checking out what everyone was doing in Paris!! A very special thank you to Madi and Fi...
Dory's Backyard · 1w ago

Post Cards from Paris

 Rosy and I had a couple of hours before we needed to be fitted for our outfits for the Creative Critter Couture, so I thought it might be nice to show Rosy around the Louvre!She loved playi...
Dory's Backyard · 1w ago

Almost there.....

Soooooo close!Enjoying a nice bed jump before Madi comes by to pick Rosy up!Make sure to stop by Madi's tomorrow for t
Dory's Backyard · 1w ago

On Our Way to Paris!

Mabel and I are leaving for Paris a few days early to spend some romantic time alone! least I THOUGHT we were!!Don't make me pull this plane over,  Rosy!!Join us tomorrow for m...
Dory's Backyard · 1W ago

Happy February Flower Friday

 Happy February Flower Friday!Spring is starting to Spring here on the Northy North California Coast. With heavy rains at the end of January and un-seasonly warm temps here at the beginning ...
Dory's Backyard · 1W ago

Thankful for Yogurt(and Daddy) Thursday

Whatcha got there Daddy???What's that?? You gots frozen yogurts.....  Is it vanilla?? I looooovvvvveeee frozen vanilla yogurt! Why yes Daddy, I would LOVE a bite!!
Dory's Backyard · 2W ago

Sleeping Beauty on Wordless Wednesday

Make sure to join us this Friday forFebruary Flower Friday!
Dory's Backyard · 2W ago

Tattle Tail Tuesday

MAMAMAMAMA, Arty is making fun of my donut!!!  HaHa have to wear a cone too!! Well, at least I get to be a fierce Lion with my cone on!! What's that Mama?? I is a Wicket?? Is he a...