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Doug Wead The Blog · 20h ago

How White Evangelicals Won the 2016 Election

He is brash, uncompromising, direct and has no sense, whatsoever, of political correctness. He is convinced he is right and isn’t afraid to publicly proclaim it. Some argue that he, as much ...
Doug Wead The Blog · 1d ago

The insider book about Trump and Clinton and the war with the media

. Pre-Order GAME OF THORNS now ! This is the inside account of the 2016 election between Donald Trump and Hillary...
Doug Wead The Blog · 1d ago

Shocking moments behind the scenes during the Trump-Clinton campaign.

My new book GAME OF THORNS will be released on Tuesday and it is a hoot. This is the story of the 2016 election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. If you’ve followed this election on ...
Doug Wead The Blog · 1W ago

Donald Trump loves this female Judge

Here’s one judge that Donald Trump loves. Federal Judge, Maryanne Barry, his older sister. Judge Barry, is a Senior United States Circuit Judge of the Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit....
Doug Wead The Blog · 2W ago

Sean Hannity, the Rodney Dangerfield of Network Anchors

“I get no respect.” – Rodney Dangerfield Okay, it’s happened again so I’ve got to say something. Sean Hannity quizzed super attorney Jay Sekulow on the Hannity Show Friday night and solved t...
Doug Wead The Blog · 2W ago

Breaking news: President threatens journalist with violence !

If Americans haven’t already had enough, the President has now threatened a journalist with violence. The president’s crude remarks implied that he would injure the man’s genitals and smash ...
Doug Wead The Blog · 2W ago

Happy Birthday Ronald Reagan, what do you think about Trump?

People make comparisons between Donald Trump and Ronald Reagan. They were both actors. Both had been divorced. Both men had been Democrats. Both men had some populist appeal. They were exact...
Doug Wead The Blog · 2W ago

Doug Wead’s new book set for release

This link takes you to amazon, barnes & noble, audible audio books, etc. So order it if you think you would enjoy.
Doug Wead The Blog · 3W ago

Betsy DeVos is Trump’s Best Cabinet Pick, by Far!

The American Left saved most of its fire for Betsy DeVos who is the Republican nominee for Secretary of Education. There is a good reason. She is Donald Trump’s most qualified and powerful c...
Doug Wead The Blog · 3W ago

Behind the Vicious Media War against Donald Trump.

“The media is the opposition party.” – Steve Bannon. Today we hear prominent staffers in the Trump White House openly talking about the mainstream media as the true opposition, not the Democ...