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Dragonfly Treasure · 1d ago

Emotions and Essential Oils

Essential Oils are VERY powerful when used emotionally,  and this can help you learn how to use them more effectively! When using T-Topically for emotions, it's recommended rubbing b...
Dragonfly Treasure · 6d ago

Shattered - Someone Find The Glue Quick!

You probably remember this Angel and Bird Cage  from one of my recent posts. She was placed under my front arbor near the house. You can imagine my horror when I went out one mor...
Dragonfly Treasure · 1W ago

He Loves Me, He loves Me Not......WW

Dragonfly Treasure · 1W ago

Butterfly Designs to Color ~ Free Printables

Dragonfly Treasure · 2W ago

Make Your Own Fragrant Massage Oil

Let's face it some days are just plain rough. Whether it's stress or pain that has gotten you down a good massage will certainly help! Especially one with your custom fragrance! Ah, c'mon...
Dragonfly Treasure · 1Y ago

Happy Birthday and Father's Day Dad ~ I Miss You!

June 9th is my Dad's Birthday. 1919-2010 He flew PBY's in WWII. After the war he became a carpenter  and did so until her retired. His main love was farming. Our barn my Dad built...
Dragonfly Treasure · 3W ago

Garden Photos ~ WW

Dragonfly Treasure · 3W ago

Grow Your Own Nutrient Packed Sprouts

With all the new studies out saying that micro-greens are the new nutritional power house, it's only natural to just on the bandwagon. After all, don't we all want to be as healthy as w...
Dragonfly Treasure · 3W ago

Tudor Roses Knitwear Pattern

Remember to click on image to enlarge
Dragonfly Treasure · 3W ago

A Couple of Notes to Enjoy