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Dragonfly Treasure · 3d ago

Toons for Seniors ~ WW

Dragonfly Treasure · 3d ago

My Iron Is Ruined!

I had decided to take all my linens and laces down  for an early Spring Cleaning.  Including all my curtains too. Washed them in my special linen wash in which they came out smelli...
Dragonfly Treasure · 1W ago

Dog Sweater Knit Pattern

Dragonfly Treasure · 2W ago

For Those Who Could Use a Good Laugh ~ WW

Dragonfly Treasure · 3W ago

Shirley Temple ~ WW

♫ Animal crackers in my soupMonkeys and rabbits loop the loopGosh oh gee but I have funSwallowing animals one by one ♫ Oh don't get me started!! ♫ On the good ship lollipop......
Dragonfly Treasure · 3W ago

Cold and Flu Season - Flu Blast

We are entering the Season of GERMS Better known as Fall, Back to School, and of course, The Holidays. This time of year can bring in a host of unwanted  things into the home, rangin...
Dragonfly Treasure · 3W ago

Revamping of a Skull

Before I got sick I was working on something totally different...for me anyway. Years ago I bought this cow skull from a neighbor who was moving. It's been hanging on my fence in my r...
Dragonfly Treasure · 4W ago

It's The Real Thing.~ WW

Dragonfly Treasure · 1M ago

Caramel Apples ~ To Eat Or Not To Eat?

MMMM...these sure look good don't they? My family thought so too. BUT I had to stop them! These are faux Caramel Apples, not the real thing!  Lord knows I've been trying to get i...
Dragonfly Treasure · 1M ago

Make Some Sequin Slime

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