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Dust · 28m ago

Deuteronomy 14

With this chapter, we have read the 'beginning' and the 'end' of Deuteronomy. chapters 20-25 remain. The book is at nearly 90% complete. On the one hand I am delighted because Deuteronomy wa...
Dust · 20h ago

1 Samuel 27

Another short chapter. There is work going on behind the scenes though on long chapters. A full year appears to be just 'days' ימים by itself. Verse 7. This is the only verse I have seen w...
Dust · 2d ago

Isaiah 35

Another short chapter of Isaiah, just to keep the wheels turning. Isaiah 35 Fn Min Max Syll יְשֻׂשׂ֥וּם מִדְבָּ֖ר וְצִיָּ֑ה וְתָגֵ֧ל עֲרָבָ֛ה וְתִפְרַ֖ח כַּחֲבַצָּֽלֶת 1 Wilderness wil...
Dust · 2d ago

Hebrews and the Psalms

This article is outstanding.
Dust · 3d ago

Joshua 8

This chapter continues the less appealing parts of the canon. I have allowed the name Ai to stand translated as Shambles. We are a shambles. But one has to work very hard to explain away the...
Dust · 4d ago

1 Samuel 5

A short chapter while I move my office back home. 1 Samuel 5 Fn Min Max Syll וּפְלִשְׁתִּים֙ לָֽקְח֔וּ אֵ֖ת אֲר֣וֹן הָאֱלֹהִ֑ים וַיְבִאֻ֛הוּ מֵאֶ֥בֶן הָעֵ֖זֶר אַשְׁדּֽוֹדָה 1 And th...
Dust · 5d ago

Isaiah 40

Nothing exposes one's constraints or one's butchery more than reading a familiar chapter. I (sometimes) regret we have given up the distinction between the singular and plural you in Englis...
Dust · 1w ago

Isaiah 33

Yesterday I started working on Isaiah 33, the chapter at the bottom of my list - one that had the fewest guesses. (There are several chapters of Isaiah further down my list than chapters of ...
Dust · 1w ago

Joshua 7

I will admit I am not much fond of this book under the name of Joshua. But that's because I have never read it except in translation. [Shambles is a much more memorable name than Ai. And Sha...
Dust · 1W ago

Deuteronomy 18

After listing all the things Yahweh does not want from the people, the text is simply this: Complete you will be with Yahweh your God. Remember how important that word complete was in the P...