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Eagleton Notes · 4d ago

Snails and Slugs

It is probably too dramatic to describe the quantity of snails and slugs in the garden last year and now as of plague proportions but it's been pretty near to that.  After the amount of dama...
Eagleton Notes · 2W ago

Emotionally Drained

Apart from my times in New Zealand when I posted on my other blog this is, I'm pretty sure, the longest period between posts since i started this blog in 2007. I've been very busy helping my...
Eagleton Notes · 1M ago

A Sporting Weekend

I really have little interest in watching sport. There are a few exceptions which I do try and watch and enjoy: the Oxford and Cambridge Boat Races (brilliant now that the ladies race is giv...
Eagleton Notes · 1M ago

Where is Adrian When He's Needed?

It's probable that CJ will identify this Diptera but if Adrian had still been in Blogland I'm sure that he or one of his readers would have been on the case tout de suite. My best guess is a...
Eagleton Notes · 1M ago


Every answer to a question by a journalist on television these days seems to start with "So..." Am I the only one who finds that intensely irritating.And whist I'm on the subject of irritati...
Eagleton Notes · 2M ago

A Beautiful House

Out for a coffee recently we were walking down St Vincent Crescent in Glasgow's Finniestonand were deafened by birdsong from this wonderfully cultivated frontage:
Eagleton Notes · 2M ago

One For The Weegies

Many of you, my dear readers, will know what a Weegie is but many of you will not. A Weegie is a Glaswegian. The Scottish equivalent of a Liverpool Scouser. The difference being that Weegie ...
Eagleton Notes · 2M ago


This week we visited the Huntarian Art Gallery. I enjoy going back every so often to see the Whistler collection and a few other special pieces. Often there is a special exhibition and I nev...
Eagleton Notes · 2M ago

Books and People

One of the things that I do when I am in someone's house is look at their book shelves. Books interest me. In fact books interest most people that I know.I was recently reminded of an incide...
Eagleton Notes · 2M ago

Flora Edwards

Where does time go? Where do people go? On this day 15 years ago (and it seems like such a short time) the mother of CJ and me died at the age of 93 with all her faculties. It was her decisi...