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Eagleton Notes · 12h ago

Just a Quick Quiz

This is a picture captured on my dashcam yesterday on the Isle of Lewis on the way home from Grimshader. It's an unusual scene for Lewis. Do you know why?
Eagleton Notes · 1W ago

It's Mine

Eagleton Notes · 1W ago


Yesterday we went to the Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallery. I love going there and have blogged about it many times. Today I looked, as I always do, at some of my favourite paintings by The...
Eagleton Notes · 1W ago

La La Land

I've not seen the film La La Land. It definitely seems to be a Marmite film.  YP loved it. Frances Garrood held quite the opposite view. I've been holding back on expressing a view until I'v...
Eagleton Notes · 2W ago

A Dawn Journey

Last week Gaz and I went to Inverness on Monday morning and returned on Tuesday evening. On the outward journey across The Minch at dawn the weather was idyllic and I managed the following p...
Eagleton Notes · 2W ago

Global Weather Chaos

It's Sunday. My 'day off' from my recent day job at my son's house. As a full-time job it comes to an end this week as he's going back to the superyacht that is his home for two months out o...
Eagleton Notes · 3W ago

A Thank You To A (former) President

This post is plagiarised from (or written with apologies to) Mrs Slapthing at Mental Meatloaf.  Until relatively recently no one at all knew anything about my politics. I am not, and nev...
Eagleton Notes · 3W ago

Working: And Enjoying It

It's a beautiful morning - again. We've had a few recently but I've not been able to take full advantage because I've been working at the house that my son is building 15 miles away. It's in...
Eagleton Notes · 1M ago


I love walking. I always have done. The areas I loved for walking as a young man were North Wales and The English Lake District. There was an openness and a closeness to the countryside beca...
Eagleton Notes · 1M ago

2017 So Far

It's 14 days since I posted on my Blog.  I think (though I could be wrong) that is may be the longest time since I started blogging  that I haven't posted on this or my New Zealand Blog. I h...