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Eat Like Mira · 2h ago

Vitamin B17

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Eat Like Mira · 1M ago

Diet to Go

        This diet serves the ones who need to get back on track with their food habits and their lifestyle. Some people are aware of their habits and all what they need is a little push and ...
Eat Like Mira · 1M ago

Consult Mira

Let’s discuss your health history, health concerns, future goals and come up with a diet plan to get you started on your road to better health. Based on this initial consultation, we will cr...
Eat Like Mira · 2M ago

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Eat Like Mira · 2M ago

Plant protein Sources? 6 Cheap and healthy options!

Every cell in our body is made of protein, a major part of the skin, muscles, organs, and glands. You actually need protein in your diet to help your body repair cells and make new...
Eat Like Mira · 4M ago

Christmas Season! Few tips to enjoy a healthy Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! It’s Christmas, and we all want to celebrate and forget about diet and healthy eating!But “this week” can simply be a disaster if you don’t watch your food an...
Eat Like Mira · 5M ago

Leftovers That Can Poison You If Reheated

It’s so common among many people to reheat food leftovers in order to be enjoyed at a later time. This can be somehow safe for some food but there are some specific food items that you need ...
Eat Like Mira · 6M ago

Five type of Foods you have to Stop Eating!

Although marketed as “healthy” or at least “not dangerous”, those food are terrible for your weight and health. The choices below are made with ingredients that do nothing for the body, othe...
Eat Like Mira · 7M ago

The Ketogenic Diet, How healthy is it?

We all wish to lose those extra kilos and fat in a drastic way, so we tend to follow different types of diets, diets that will eventually have an expiry date. But the results are fabulous to...
Eat Like Mira · 8M ago

CLA Pills.. Should you take it to lose weight?

CLA Pills have been one of the most popular weight loss supplements in the world, and some believe that it can also have other health benefits, like decreasing cholesterol and blood sugar le...