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Eaten By Ducks · 1W ago

Non plus ultra

This might be a new picturebook. I am assembling my unpublished medieval drawings. New ideas for this way of working are getting scarce, so it could be my last nunsploitation book.
Eaten By Ducks · 4W ago

New sketchbook

The cover of sketchbook #61, with the doppelganger effect.
Eaten By Ducks · 1M ago

Esqueleto Malefico

Eaten By Ducks · 1M ago

The 9th Island book cover

The mock-up of the cover, because you need one in order to propose your book to publishers. The lettering and colouring need more tinkering, but this will have to do for now. It carries the cheerful, optimistic mood of the story as i want it to. A bi...
Eaten By Ducks · 1M ago,51.html

Eaten By Ducks · 1M ago


Chilling in the pyramid of ancient knowledge at the Cape of Fools. I liked the idea of having several chatty scenes like this one, where nothing happens, in between events. It gives a story more 'air'. In general, i have developed a strong dislike fo...
Eaten By Ducks · 1M ago

J'aime la vie !

(i love life)
Eaten By Ducks · 1M ago

new year's prayer

  The earth demands blood.It's a well-worn trope of horror fiction, playing on the city dweller's unconscious fear of the rural; knife-wielding druids, pagan ceremonies, fertility through sa...
Eaten By Ducks · 2M ago

Sous vide 5

Couverture et dos gravés par Marilyne MangioneImages : Maud Newton, Andréas Marchal, Nuvish, Dominique Lucci, Tatiana Samoïlova, Claire Secco, Tito Gascuel, Ina, Mr T, Mélès, Gaspard Pitiot, Margaux Salmi, ël, Tony Burhouse, Jean Paul Vertraeten, Pa...
Eaten By Ducks · 2M ago

Merry...Happy....Holiday Something:360 sphere art experiment

Hello, Ducks! I haven't posted in a while- but I've actually been drawing a lot of monsters, so I should probably change that. Anyway, yesterday I tried something out with the new 360 sphere...