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Ebs and Flows · 1W ago


For the last two years we have come together as a family at the end of May in the North …Continue reading →
Ebs and Flows · 2W ago


Another grandchild arrived at the beginning of May in the form of Jack William Welford. This brings the current count …Continue reading →
Ebs and Flows · 1M ago


Having five children has resulted in an accumulation of items of interest to little people, which Marilyn has insisted that …Continue reading →
Ebs and Flows · 2M ago

The Challenges and the Blessings of Attending Christian Events

We returned from Spring Harvest on Good Friday and are now out of the bubble for another year. Spring Harvest …Continue reading →
Ebs and Flows · 2M ago


If you are reading this and you happen to be at Spring Harvest in Skegness and have encountered an idiot …Continue reading →
Ebs and Flows · 2M ago


The two main sessions at Spring Harvest are the morning Bible study and the evening worship. Both are held in …Continue reading →
Ebs and Flows · 2M ago


It is Easter and the Welford family are back in Skegness for Spring Harvest. We hope for a recharging of …Continue reading →
Ebs and Flows · 2M ago


Our daughter Beth turned twenty-one last Saturday. She started the day in Scotland where she had been on mission with …Continue reading →
Ebs and Flows · 2M ago


The bin men came early this week: an hour early to be precise, catching out two of my neighbours. One …Continue reading →
Ebs and Flows · 3M ago


The message at church yesterday concerned fasting. My friend Jerry told the congregation that until recently he had never fasted, …Continue reading →