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Echo's Voice · 10M ago

April update

#TeamLanceMiller update 4/2/2016Lance called from home today and sang "Happy Birthday to Austin" (my 23 year old son) and told me he had ice cream to eat, at home, not in the hospital, and t...
Echo's Voice · 11M ago

Team Lance Miller Update 3-11-2016

 Lance is having a rough time still, he has been moved to ICU at the University of Virginia Hospital where Infectious disease specialists are trying to figure out what he needs and discovere...
Echo's Voice · 11M ago

Lance Miller update March 1, 2016

Once again I come to bring an update of Lance Miller, and have to start with saying that Lance is back in the hospital again.  I hate saying that he is basically back dealing with the same t...
Echo's Voice · 1Y ago

Worries and Joys

Let me start todays post with a quick update on my brotherFive months after he first went to ICULast night, 1/22/16 I got a call from Lance, at first he sounded normal, chatting about the up...
Echo's Voice · 1Y ago

Christmas 2015

Merry Christmas 2015 and May A Happy and Healthy 2016 Be Heading Your Way.This was a year of changes for our extended family, it was a scary and emotional roller coaster at times, but we are...
Echo's Voice · 1Y ago

Lance Miller Update to be Thankful For

remember, if you have a moment, a photo, card or postcard can make his entire day.  and Thank you again.Lance Miller /PO box 865/ Middleburg, VA 20118
Echo's Voice · 1Y ago

Lance Miller Update November 3rd 2015

 From September 1st to November 3rd should be long enough that I no longer have to worry about my brother, Lance Miller. But of course life isn't in my hands and I don't get to decide that t...
Echo's Voice · 1Y ago

News for Team Lance Miller, Oct. 8. 2015

For a week, I haven't posted here, but I have been talking to Lance on his cell phone in the Rehab hospital. Every day he sounds stronger and happier and now he doesn't talk much about how h...
Echo's Voice · 1Y ago

Lance Miller up-date Oct. 2, 2015

 I talked to Lance today in Shenandoah center in Charlestown, West Virginia where he is still spending time in rehab/physical therapy to regain his strength and confidence to take care of hi...
Echo's Voice · 1Y ago

Update on Lance Miller, my brother.

September 23 update: Good news for Lance today as he is leaving the Hospital and headed to Shenandoah center in Charlestown, West Virginia to spend time in rehab/physical therapy to regain h...