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Eclipse HQ Blog · 1d ago

Ten Of The Best - NXL Vegas

Ten of the best, we hear you cry. What's all this about? Simple really. We take 10 of the ...
Eclipse HQ Blog · 3d ago

Techs on Tour - Nick Patterson @ Living Legends

Eclipse HQ Blog · 1w ago

#06 - Let's make something slow, really, really fast.

Yep. We're talking about the EBlade.At a time when paintballers were in awe of the speed o...
Eclipse HQ Blog · 1w ago


We always love to hear from our teams, especially when they make a huge effort with their organisation. This release from Blackout Protocol in the States got us all excited about ION.Read on...
Eclipse HQ Blog · 1W ago

Techs On Tour - Steven Santuci @ UWL Mexico 2017

Eclipse HQ Blog · 1W ago

Beira Mar - EXPL, 2nd Event

Eclipse HQ Blog · 2W ago

#05 The Deansgate Conspiracy

Ok, so Deansgate wasn't actually a conspiracy, we just wanted a cheeky title for the blog post. That said, there'll be a LOT of you guys out there who have never even heard of Deansgate befo...
Eclipse HQ Blog · 2W ago

Ledz has 'another' great idea...Part 01

Eclipse HQ Blog · 2W ago

PJ on tour @ MXL, Guadalajara, Mexico

Eclipse HQ Blog · 3W ago

PJ on Tour @ SPL, Florida 27th - 28th May 2017