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Eclipse HQ Blog · 16h ago

Very CSpecial Fades #03

Something for the less 'shouty' paintballer.Yesterday's blast of neon pink and purple may have been a touch strong for those who like their markers more subtle, so today's offering may be ri...
Eclipse HQ Blog · 1d ago

Very CSpecial Fades #02

And we're off!What did you think of yesterday's fade? Pretty sweet right? Just to clarify - yesterday's fade is actually what is available to buy TODAY and the fade we show here will be avai...
Eclipse HQ Blog · 2d ago

Very CSpecial Fades #01

Our production guys are always trying out new ways of making our markers look even prettier, which means we get to release some sweet looking markers into the wild that aren’t part of a larg...
Eclipse HQ Blog · 1w ago

Bounty Hunters: The Spring Offensive

Eclipse HQ Blog · 1W ago

#03 - XSV to EGO

For years we'd been creating custom add-on kits for other company's markers. We'd designed our own custom versions of the industry's most popular markers to make them cooler and better and w...
Eclipse HQ Blog · 1W ago

SPL- Lakeland.

SPL, Lakeland on April 8-9,2017..Click here to check out the SPL !
Eclipse HQ Blog · 1W ago

Check it out! Our blog just got a sweet upgrade.

That's right kids. We thought it was about time we gave the blog a facelift so that it's a much cleaner place to be and works better on mobile and other devices.Nothing much more to say othe...
Eclipse HQ Blog · 2W ago

MXL leg 1
Eclipse HQ Blog · 2W ago

N v S! Fighting Talk !!!
Eclipse HQ Blog · 3W ago

Tigers..... 'Some' Things Can Get Better..

It's always nice to hear from our teams... Especially when they say cool stuff :-)From Ste...