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EconMatters · 8h ago

Bitcoin: Just a Game for an Enigma Asset

By Bill Bonner, Bonner & PartnersDespite the sound and fury of the last 12 months, nothing much has changed.Headed for Bankruptcy The U.S. is a little further advanced toward the final stag...
EconMatters · 14h ago

Bitcoin: World's Largest Bubble Bigger than Tulip

By Tyler Durden,  Zero HedgeOne month ago, a chart from Convoy Investments went viral for showing that among all of the world's most famous asset bubbles, bitcoin was only lagging the infam...
EconMatters · 1d ago

China's Walking Debt Zombies

By IMFBlogDecember 11, 2017Version in 中文 (Chinese)China’s “zombies” are non-viable firms that are adding to the country’s rising corporate debt problem, and are bad business. Zombie firms a...
EconMatters · 1d ago

Investors, Turn Down the Volume

By Charles Rotblut, CFA, AAIIIn rock ’n’ roll, turning up the volume is not only welcome, but is often outright called for. While headbangers may want the volume cranked up, investors may p...
EconMatters · 4d ago

The One Indicator OPEC Must Watch

By Nick Cunningham,"We will not let go of our current approach until we reach a balanced market," Saudi oil minister Khalid al-Falih said Monday at a news conference in Riyadh....
EconMatters · 4d ago

Bubble Watch: Bitcoin Was at $1,000 January 2017, And Now It Is $13,000!

By Michael Snyder, The Economic CollapseDecember 6, 2017I have never seen anything quite like this in my entire life. As 2017 began, Bitcoin was selling for about $1,000, and many were opt...
EconMatters · 4d ago

You Can’t Print Real Wealth

By Bill Bonner, Bonner & PartnersBALTIMORE – Bitcoin rose another $2,000 in the last 24 hours. Whoopee!And whoa…What’s going on? Yesterday, we described an Extremely Simple Pattern (ESP).Yo...
EconMatters · 4d ago

What the Flattening U.S. Yield Curve Means

By Richard Turnill,  BlackRockThe U.S. Treasury yield curve has been flattening for most of this year. Richard explains what this is (and isn’t) telling us. The U.S. Treasury yield curve ha...
EconMatters · 4d ago

Productivity Goes Up as American Worker Compensation Slumps

By Tyler Durden,  Zero HedgeUS labor productivity rose 3.0% QoQ in Q3, the biggest rise since Q3 2014. Great news, right?Not so much, as the
EconMatters · 4d ago

5 Steps for First Time Entrepreneurs to Launch a New Business

When you’re battling morning traffic or dreading another meeting at the office, stop dreaming about being your own boss and make it happen. In today’s economy, it's easier than ever to crea...