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Edera Jewelry Romantic Handmade Lace Designs

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Kirsten Löser

Reads about: handmade, bohemian accessories, textile crafts, shop, fashion

Emily Kate

Reads about: jewelry, life, fashion, art, beauty

Ivy Long

Reads about: art, jewelry, textiles, handmade, crafts

Georgina Higgins Kol...

Reads about: crochet, art, amigurumi, etsy, jewelry

Catherine Leon

Reads about: art, jewelry, textiles

Dyane Bradley I've combined 20+ years of Retail education, knowledge and experience with 3 years of Social Media T...

Reads about: bridal jewelry, bridesmaid jewelry, mother of the bride, social media, retailers

Gloria Bacci

Reads about: beadwork, jewelry, art, beads, storia

Jennifer Lee Hallsey

Reads about: art, jewelry, luxury, gemstone, decor

Emma Lamb

Reads about: design, handmade, crafts, art, photography

Kerin Rose

Reads about: art, jewelry, green living, craft, handmade

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