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Edible Arts · 1d ago

Budget Wine Review: Castelvero Barbera Piemonte 2015

The so-called “wine of the people”, Italian Barbera is Nebbiolo’s oft-ignored friend, occupying the lesser sites of Piemonte and producing …Continue reading →
Edible Arts · 2d ago

The New Sammy’s Cowboy Bistro: Mom and Pop Excellence

We’re camped in Southern Oregon tasting wine but today the story is about food. A few minutes north of Ashland …Continue reading →
Edible Arts · 3d ago

The Controversy Over Cultural Appropriation

Kenneth Malik’s NY Times article “In Defense of Cultural Appropriation” is important generally, but specifically, it is important to the …Continue reading →
Edible Arts · 4d ago

Wine Review: Donkey and Goat Stone Crusher Skin Ferment Roussanne El Dorado 2015

Donkey and Goat is a small urban winery in downtown Berkeley sourcing grapes from the Sierra Foothills. They make so …Continue reading →
Edible Arts · 5d ago

What Makes a Great Wine?

There are lots of good wines available but only a few great ones. What makes the difference? My 3 Quarks …Continue reading →
Edible Arts · 1W ago

Budget Wine Review: Leone De Castris, “Maiana” Salice Salentino 2013

From Puglia, the heel of Italy’s boot, this wine is made from 90% Negroamaro grapes, a robust, tannic varietal supplemented …Continue reading →
Edible Arts · 1W ago

A Neuroscientist on Wine

Neuroscientist Gordon Shepherd, author of Neurogastronomy, has a new book out entitled Neuroenology: How the Brain Creates the Taste of …Continue reading →
Edible Arts · 1W ago

A Remarkable Wine Story

I would be hard pressed to identify the “best wine I’ve ever had”. But one of the candidates would be …Continue reading →
Edible Arts · 1W ago

Wine Review: Alma Rosa Pinot Noir Clone 115 Sta. Rita Hills, 2014

During a recent stopover in the Santa Barbara area, I had a chance to visit one of my favorite Pinot producers, …Continue reading →
Edible Arts · 1W ago

Of Mice and Taste

Two stories caught my attention recently because they involve taste and mice, subject matters not often found together. The first …Continue reading →