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Edible Arts · 1d ago

The Food Revolution Cannot be Co-opted

Ordinarily I wouldn’t be much concerned about the closing of chain restaurants but this story caught my eye because of …Continue reading →
Edible Arts · 2d ago

Idaho Wine: Will Work for Grapes

Idaho is probably not the first state that comes to mind when the topic of U.S. wine comes up. But …Continue reading →
Edible Arts · 3d ago

Wine Review: Telaya Cabernet Sauvignon Red Mountain 2015

With his production facility located just north of Boise, Idaho, winemaker Earl Sullivan is committed to using Idaho grapes when …Continue reading →
Edible Arts · 4d ago

Wines of Anger and Joy (1)

Does wine express emotion? I try to untangle the relationship between wine and emotion in this month’s Three Quarks Daily …Continue reading →
Edible Arts · 1W ago

You’ll Be Hearing More Stories Like This

I’ve been predicting problems at grape harvest this year as our country’s insane immigration policies will discourage migrant labor from …Continue reading →
Edible Arts · 1W ago

Fake Wine, Fake Food, Fake You

As I noted in previous posts, our hi- tech overlords are busy trying to invent fake wine and fake food. …Continue reading →
Edible Arts · 1W ago

Wine Review: Cinder “Foot Stomp” Syrah Snake River Valley Idaho 2014

Of the many wineries we visited in our recent stay in Idaho, it was Cinder’s wines that really captured my …Continue reading →
Edible Arts · 1W ago

“Trust Your Palate” is Bad Advice!

I feel a rant coming on. Probably the most ubiquitous piece of advice offered by wine educators and wine writers …Continue reading →
Edible Arts · 2W ago

We are a Strange Species

Apparently snortable chocolate is a thing in Europe: “I found myself in Antwerp at this wonderful place called The Chocolate …Continue reading →
Edible Arts · 2W ago

Fusion Cuisine: Marriage or Mashup?

We recently spent a few days in Bend, Oregon which seemed like a good place to do some hiking and …Continue reading →