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Edible Arts · 2d ago

Budget Wine Review: Chateau Brannens Graves 2014

Cheap Bordeaux but from a specific sub-region rather than the generic appellation? That’s unusual but Trader Joe’s sometimes tracks down …Continue reading →
Edible Arts · 3d ago

Not Good

Stories out of several locations in Europe report a devastating freeze last week with some vineyards losing up to 80% …Continue reading →
Edible Arts · 4d ago

Is Flavor Intensity Destroying the American Palate?

The thought occurred to me while wandering down the snack aisle at the supermarket that constant exposure to inflated flavors …Continue reading →
Edible Arts · 5d ago

Wine Review: Domaine Grandes Serres Chateauneuf-du-Pape 2013

Grandes Serres is a negociant firm owned by Michel Picard who also owns Chateau de Chassagne Monrachet in Burgundy. I …Continue reading →
Edible Arts · 6d ago

Beauty is Not Skin Deep

In my Three Quarks essay this month I take on the mistaken platitude that beauty is only skin deep.
Edible Arts · 1W ago

Budget Wine Review: Vignobles Lacheteau Vouvray 2015

Chenin Blanc is too often overlooked having gained a reputation as the base for cheap table wine in the U.S. …Continue reading →
Edible Arts · 1W ago

Interview with Randall Grahm of Bonny Doon Vineyard

Randall Grahm of Bonny Doon Vineyard may be the most innovative winemaker on the planet with a winemaking process that …Continue reading →
Edible Arts · 1W ago

Wine Review: Allegrini Palazzo Della Torre Veronese IGT 2012

A quasi-Valpolicella but including a small quantity of grapes vinified appassimento, meaning they are left to raisin for a few …Continue reading →
Edible Arts · 1W ago

A Noble Pursuit

Some vineyards are more than just farmland; they’re cultural treasures because what they produce is unique. When possible they should …Continue reading →
Edible Arts · 2W ago

Budget Wine Review: Cecilia Beretta Soraie Veneto IGT 2014

This wine is made with the appassimento method, a specialty of this region of northeast Italy. Grapes are dried for …Continue reading →