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Edible Arts · 1d ago

Budget Wine Review: Castle Rock Winery Pinot Noir Monterey County 2014

Castle Rock is an interesting winery. Essentially a negociant making a variety of appellation-specific wines, they own no vineyards but …Continue reading →
Edible Arts · 2d ago

A Sommelier’s Hallucination

In a New York Times article entitled “Ignore the Snobs, Drink the Cheap, Delicious Wine” sommelier Bianca Bosker jumps the …Continue reading →
Edible Arts · 3d ago

Wine Review: Villa Parens Metodo Classico Sparkling Wines from Northern Italy

Premium sparkling wine from Italy? Zut alors! Italy is not exactly renowned for their white wines, a reputation earned by …Continue reading →
Edible Arts · 1W ago

Wine Review: Closerie Du Bailli Blaye Cotes De Bordeaux Grand Reserve 2014

This co-op wine from Alliance Bourg is interesting and unusual. Aromas of dried black cherry, dust, and hints of fennel …Continue reading →
Edible Arts · 1W ago

The Joys of Aged Wines

Esther Mobley’s paean to aged wines is a wonderful evocation of the joys of finding that gem still going strong …Continue reading →
Edible Arts · 1W ago

Perhaps We Should Be Tipping More for Cheap Eats

The fundamental problem with tipping in restaurants is that employers should be paying their workers, not customers. But the practice …Continue reading →
Edible Arts · 1W ago

Wine Review: Angeline Reserve Pinot Noir California 2015

When pleasant is good enough. A little context helps to understand this wine. Angeline is the value label of Martin …Continue reading →
Edible Arts · 1W ago

In Praise of Imperfection

In modern culture we are too easily seduced by perfection. We want the perfect job, seek the perfect look, strive …Continue reading →
Edible Arts · 2W ago

Budget Wine Review: Mural Reserva Red Wine Douro 2011

The land best known for its Port makes red wine as rugged as the slopes on which their vineyards sit. …Continue reading →
Edible Arts · 2W ago

A Guilty Pleasure

Joseph Rogers, one of the founders of Waffle House, died last Friday at the age of 97. If I had …Continue reading →