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Educational Technology in ELT Educational Technology in ELT

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Anna Uspenskaya

Reads about: efl, education, english, lto management, italy

Dawn Kobayashi

Reads about: efl, elt, english teaching, technolgy, esl

Ana Maria Menezes

Reads about: education, efl, webtools, explorations, lifelong learning

Sudheer Pal I am Sudheer Pal, a Web Developer from Mumbai, India.

Reads about: technology, internet, gadgets, startups, social media

Mercedes Kamijo

Reads about: efl, edtech, pln, technolgy, twitter

Lawan Dalha Teacher, educational technologist, community organizer

Reads about: efl, language teaching, poetry prose play language, language learning, language testing

Sedef Özmen an English teacher

Reads about: education, technology, teaching, efl, edtech

Peggy Albers

Reads about: literacy, education, efl, technology, teaching

Belma Gaukrodger Education Technologist.

Reads about: education, technology, teaching, efl, second life

Tina Kranidiotou

Reads about: efl, technolgy, esl, elt, elearning

Iryna Lytvynenko an EFL teacher, interested in professional development and new teaching ideas, such as teaching wit...

Reads about: efl, education, teaching, esl, learning

Gülseren Çınar Bulut

Reads about: technolgy, efl, elt

Halina Ostańkowicz-B... Professional curriculum vitae (CV)
M.A. Halina Ostańkowicz-Bazan

Reads about: education, technology, efl, english, teaching

Andrey Dunets

Reads about: news, headlines, education, efl, elt

Kumala Sari

Reads about: news, technolgy, efl, elt, business

Raptivity By Harbing...

Reads about: efl, english, technology, learning, elearning

Evdokia Roka

Reads about: efl, edtech, elt, teaching, business english

Saliha Özcan

Reads about: technolgy, efl, elt

Will Shake

Reads about: education, news, english, entertainment, teaching

Estela Mendez

Reads about: educación, periodismo, picture books, sindical, technolgy

Effie Zervakis ELC Language Centre - Kalamata, Greece, is a Private Language institute.
English, Italian, French, ...

Reads about: education, languages, english, teaching, efl

Mackie Abbas

Reads about: finance, internet, politics, technology, web 2.0

María Castillo

Reads about: technolgy, efl, elt

Christina Markoulaki

Reads about: efl, education, technology, english, teaching

Nicola Meldrum

Reads about: efl, education, technology, elt, esl

Gbsb Techblog

Reads about: technology, tech, internet, gadgets, news

Gül Can

Reads about: efl, education, news, tefl, edtech

Nataly Muravjova

Reads about: technolgy, efl, elt

Janaina Cardoso

Reads about: technolgy, efl, elt

Fabiana Casella

Reads about: efl, education, edtech, professional development, web2.0

Pilar Romo

Reads about: technolgy, efl, elt

Miguel Alejandro Pér...

Reads about: efl, edtech, technolgy, edcation, elearning

Bindyuu A. Grover

Reads about: technology, elt, management, edtech, technolgy

Özlem Keskindil

Reads about: elt, esol, technolgy, efl, technology

Silvana Simonetti Fr...

Reads about: recetas de cocina, astrología, fotografía, technolgy, hotel

Dariush Ahmadi

Reads about: efl, education, technology, news, headlines

Sa Ed Ou

Reads about: technolgy, efl, elt

Basil Skaik

Reads about: technolgy, efl, elt

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