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Elise Hanna · 6M ago

Pantsuit Nation Book // Published

I am proud to share that a photograph that I took of my brave friend Lauren Cooper of Aspen Street Cakes and her daughter Molly, will be published in the Pantsuit... Read The Rest →
Elise Hanna · 8M ago

Lauren’s Lemon Ricotta Crepes

On the brink of another move this July (To Amman, Jordan in case you missed it!), my body and mind have begun to ramp up, once again, to weather what... Read The Rest →
Elise Hanna · 8M ago

Society of the Four Arts // Palm Beach

I prefer to marvel over the bounty of a person’s garden than a person’s pocketbook. At the level which we are all one, where we tend to nature, from which... Read The Rest →
Elise Hanna · 9M ago

Winter Blues // South Florida + Palm Beach

Elise Hanna · 11M ago

Blood Orange & Meringue Tarts with Lauren Cooper

My friend Lauren, if you haven’t already gleaned from my Instagram, has been my culinary cohort this year. With eighteen years of catering under her belt and a pastry chef... Read The Rest →
Elise Hanna · 11M ago

Pickled Vadouvan Deviled Eggs with RawSpiceBar

RawSpiceBar recently contacted me to see if I’d be interested in checking out their cool new product. Think “Fruit of the Month Club” for spices. Having been cozied up here... Read The Rest ...
Elise Hanna · 11M ago

The Allen Family

Elise Hanna · 1Y ago

One Roll

I shot considerably less 35mm in India than I did 120mm. A roll of 35 could meander the streets with shots from a walk here or there and would often... Read The Rest →
Elise Hanna · 1Y ago

The Ospina Family

Elise Hanna · 1Y ago

Beetroot Hummus Tartine

It feels as though summer may have sighed her final, warm sigh. I suppose the final days of summer are like the final days of your baby awakening in the... Read The Rest →