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Ellis Shuman Writes · 6d ago

Review of Strangers with the Same Dream by Alison Pick

&TweetThis book begins with a lie. They said she killed herself, that hers was “the first suicide.” She has a story to tell and we, the readers, are “the chosen people” who will hear this st...
Ellis Shuman Writes · 2W ago

Review of The Fraud or Miracle Trilogy by Christoph Fischer

&TweetI had previously read one novel by Christoph Fischer but there were a number of others on my to-be-read list. When The Fraud or Miracle Trilogy by Christoph Fischer (November 2017) was published, I had a chance to read three at the same time. A...
Ellis Shuman Writes · 3W ago

How I Found My Editor

&TweetAfter I finished writing, revising, and polishing my manuscript—a suspense novel set...
Ellis Shuman Writes · 4W ago

Review of Underskin by Orit Arfa

&TweetHow do young Israelis relate to Germany and the Holocaust these days? An unconventional love story explores a very heavy topic in a lighthearted, erotic way.First, a warning. Due to its generous doses of explicit sex, some of it quite kinky, th...
Ellis Shuman Writes · 1M ago

The Burgas Affair Now On Sale!

The Burgas Affair has been published and can now be purchased at Amazon!"A masterfully written fictional account that weaves personal tragedy into the intricacies of international police coo...
Ellis Shuman Writes · 1M ago

The Sofia Globe: The Burgas Affair to be released in English

The Bulgarian version, ‘Бургаската афера’ was released last year. Now, author Ellis Shuman...
Ellis Shuman Writes · 1M ago

How My Job Relocation Led to My Writing a Crime Thriller

My boss called me into his office one day toward the end of 2008 and informed me that my j...
Ellis Shuman Writes · 2M ago

THE BURGAS AFFAIR - coming October 30th!

Pre-order your copy of THE BURGAS AFFAIR. Now on sale at Amazon!
Ellis Shuman Writes · 2M ago

Oops! I built my sukkah upside-down!

When you purchase a sukkah in Israel it's supposed to be a lifetime investment. The so-cal...
Ellis Shuman Writes · 2M ago

Editing Is Finished! Formatting Begins!

And soon, the book will be published!