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Ellis Shuman Writes · 1d ago

How My Job Relocation Led to My Writing a Crime Thriller

My boss called me into his office one day toward the end of 2008 and informed me that my j...
Ellis Shuman Writes · 1W ago

THE BURGAS AFFAIR - coming October 30th!

Pre-order your copy of THE BURGAS AFFAIR. Now on sale at Amazon!
Ellis Shuman Writes · 2W ago

Oops! I built my sukkah upside-down!

When you purchase a sukkah in Israel it's supposed to be a lifetime investment. The so-cal...
Ellis Shuman Writes · 2W ago

Editing Is Finished! Formatting Begins!

And soon, the book will be published!
Ellis Shuman Writes · 3W ago

5 Tips For Writing A Novel While Working Full-Time

&TweetGuest post by Rachael Mollison-ReadWriting a novel requires an enormous amount of ti...
Ellis Shuman Writes · 1M ago

Review of ‘Totaled’ by Brian Blum

&TweetJust a few weeks ago, electric car manufacturer Tesla Motors handed over the first of its $35,000, 350-km range vehicles to eager customers. According to media reports, the company has...
Ellis Shuman Writes · 1M ago

Review of ‘Border: A Journey to the Edge of Europe’ by Kapka Kassabova

&TweetThe Strandja is a mountainous border zone between Bulgaria, Turkey and Greece. Also spelled Strandzha, the area is a nature reserve blessed with biodiversity, a region rich with history, and a land filled with mystery. The Strandja is also the ...
Ellis Shuman Writes · 2M ago

Self-Editing: These Words Have Got to Go!

&TweetWhat do you do when you finish writing a book? You edit it! And what do you do when ...
Ellis Shuman Writes · 2M ago

Editing My Novel, a Year after It Was Published

&TweetJust over a year ago, my second novel was traditionally published. There was a book signing and official presentations by my editor and publisher. I was interviewed on television, twic...
Ellis Shuman Writes · 3M ago

Five Years after Burgas

&TweetOn July 18, 2012, a terrorist bomb exploded on a bus transporting Israelis from Burg...