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ElsaElsa - The Astrology Blog · 2h ago

Monthly Horoscope – May 2017

April showers bring May flowers – and, as the joke goes, Mayflowers bring pilgrims. This year has felt like a pilgrimage to many of us, with a desired destination held in our hearts but an u...
ElsaElsa - The Astrology Blog · 20h ago

How To Attract Love (And The Beauty Ideal)

Love and attraction (for real). Do you offer your real self in relationship? … Read More... Continue reading How To Attract Love (And The Beauty Ideal) at ElsaElsa.
ElsaElsa - The Astrology Blog · 22h ago

Weekly Forecast: April 24-28, 2017 – Delicious New Moon in Taurus

This week, Aries Mercury’s retrograde is supported by Saturn and the assistance of mutual reception with Mars in Gemini. Glitches abound, but the workarounds may wind up improving upon your ...
ElsaElsa - The Astrology Blog · 3d ago

Weekend Love Forecast – “Nothing Either Good or Bad but Thinking Makes It So”

The weekend starts with the Pisces Moon sextile the early Taurus Sun. Direct Pisces Venus square Saturn has already popped, but the energy hangs in the air – water to fire. It still smolders...
ElsaElsa - The Astrology Blog · 4d ago

Mercury Direct: May 3, 2017 – Unusual Time – Virgo & Gemini

Typically, I’m champing on the bit when Mercury is retrograde. I want to get the show on the road! Not so, this time. This is because Mercury will be so well aspected over the next three wee...
ElsaElsa - The Astrology Blog · 4d ago

Exaltation, Detriment, Fall: The Moon

The waxing and waning cycle that we touched on in our discussion of the Sun’s exaltation, detriment, and fall finds analogy in the cycles of the Moon. When the Sun is exalted (lifted up), it...
ElsaElsa - The Astrology Blog · 5d ago

Pluto Retrograde: April 20, 2017 – Cruelty

Pluto is currently stationing at 19 degrees Capricorn. The planet will turn retrograde, tomorrow.  Pluto stations are intense. You’re probably trying to contain yourself. I know I am!  The p...
ElsaElsa - The Astrology Blog · 5d ago

High Maintenance People

Saturn went into Libra, about five years ago. I wrote about high maintenance people at that time.  People used to boast about being “high maintenance”. I figured this transit would end that ...
ElsaElsa - The Astrology Blog · 5d ago

Should You Apologize, Many Years After Burning A Bridge?

Is it a good idea to apologize to someone for some betrayal or hurt inflicted that you inf...
ElsaElsa - The Astrology Blog · 6d ago

Can A Planet In A Chart Be Stronger Than The Sun Sign?

Hi, Elsa. Can another natal planet sign overwhelm your sun sign? Double Virgo with Venus in Scorpio. We all know how powerful Scorpios are. My sister and brother are Virgo but do not have th...