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ElvisBlog · 6d ago

Sharing an Elvis Fan’s Sentiments 40 Years Later

This is the front page of the Memphis Commercial Appeal on the day after Elvis died. Just ...
ElvisBlog · 1W ago

Glen Campbell and Elvis

Glen Campbell died yesterday, August 8, from complications of Alzheimer’s disease. He was 81. Elvis and Glen Campbell had been friends for over a decade before Campbell became a star in 1967 with songs like “Gentle on my Mind,” and … Continue reading...
ElvisBlog · 1W ago

An Elvis Movie You’ll Want to Skip

When the movie Elvis & Nixon was released last year, I grumbled in an ElvisBlog post about how it featured an ugly-looking Elvis. In the blog article I questioned the why producers would portray an ugly Elvis when he was … Continue reading →
ElvisBlog · 2W ago

Elvis’ First Guitar — Part 2

When I posted the article last weekend on Elvis’ first guitar, I had no idea of what was to follow. There were more favorable comments on this post than any other in a long time. For example, Collette C. sent … Continue reading →
ElvisBlog · 3W ago

Elvis’ First Guitar — A New Twist on a Old Story

Every ElvisBlog article involves research on Google/Images. Sometimes I will scroll down w...
ElvisBlog · 1M ago

Surfing the Graceland Guest House Website and Facebook Page

Two months ago, ElvisBlog looked at the Elvis Week events scheduled at Soundstage A at Elv...
ElvisBlog · 1M ago

Elvis T-Shirt Review — Summer 2017

It’s summer, so it’s time for my eighth annual Elvis T-Shirt Review. As usual, it features shirts from However, there was not an abundance of good new designs this year, ...
ElvisBlog · 1M ago

4th of July, Bald Eagles, and Elvis

If you Google 4th of July and click on Images, you will find some wonderful stuff. Talented folks have used Photoshop and other software to create hundreds of patriotic images to celebrate I...
ElvisBlog · 1M ago

Celebrating National Selfie Day with Elvis

Elvis did not live during the age of smart phones with cameras, but it’s fun to think of t...
ElvisBlog · 2M ago

A Summer of 40th Anniversaries

Elvis Week 2017 will mark the 40th anniversary of Elvis’ passing, and EPE has a great event planned for the fans. There is so much quality stuff to do and see, enhanced by the new Graceland Guest House and Elvis Presley’ … Continue reading →