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ElvisBlog · 17h ago


Yes, that could be quite a dream… Elvis goes up to the North Pole, and Santa welcomes him ...
ElvisBlog · 1W ago

How Elvis Spent the Summer of Love

  There have been a few reports in the news this week noting the 50th anniversary on Octob...
ElvisBlog · 1W ago

Tom Petty and Elvis

As you know by now, Tom Petty died yesterday at age 66. He had suffered a cardiac arrest at his home in Malibu CA, and could not be revived at the UCLA Medical center. I’ve been a big Tom Pe...
ElvisBlog · 2W ago

Taking a Knee — Elvis Style

The news has been filled for a week about folks taking a knee in protest.  Frankly, I’m ge...
ElvisBlog · 3W ago

Elvis Paper Dolls

When I surf deep into the internet looking for interesting stuff, I never know what I’ll stumble upon. This week it was an Elvis paper doll book. After additional focused searching, I found ...
ElvisBlog · 4W ago

Elvis’ Original Graceland Piano Returns to the Music Room

  Ten days ago, made this announcement: “Elvis Presley’s Graceland has announced the acquisition of one of the most significant pieces of Elvis’ musical history, which wil...
ElvisBlog · 1M ago

Interesting Elvis Memorabilia – Part 37

I have run out of ideas for different titles on these posts featuring Elvis collectibles, so I’m just going to number them from now on. Here are the titles for the memorabilia articles posted so far in 2017. So, the … Continue reading →
ElvisBlog · 1M ago

Elvis Fabulous Wardrobe – Part 7

The recent Auction at Graceland listed 315 items of Elvis memorabilia. The number of offer...
ElvisBlog · 1M ago

Memphis Mafia Organizational Chart

This image is too small for reading, so don’t try. In this post we will dissect and expand...
ElvisBlog · 2M ago

Sharing an Elvis Fan’s Sentiments 40 Years Later

This is the front page of the Memphis Commercial Appeal on the day after Elvis died. Just ...