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ElvisBlog · 15h ago

60th Anniversary — Elvis’ Army Induction

Graceland posted this two weeks prior to the actual anniversary date of March 24, 1958, an...
ElvisBlog · 1W ago

Some Elvis Pictures I’ve Never Seen Before – Part 4

I haven’t done one of these picture posts in a month. They are so much fun because they ge...
ElvisBlog · 2W ago

Elvis’ Fabulous Cufflinks

If you entered an Elvis trivia contest and the question was, “Who was Elvis’ Doctor?” what...
ElvisBlog · 3W ago

50th Anniversary Movie Pictorial – Stay Away, Joe

The Graceland Blog has already marked the upcoming 50th anniversary of the March 8, 1968 release of Stay Away, Joe. It’s a well done article and I recommend you read it. But you’ll find there is no duplication when you … Continue reading →
ElvisBlog · 4W ago

Special Elvis Collectibles at the Last Auction at Graceland

It’s been five weeks since the last Auction at Graceland, so I want to do a post on three items that interest me because of the stories behind them. We’ll save the rings, clothing, and other goodies until a later … Continue reading →
ElvisBlog · 1M ago


Message from the Blogmeister: All the available free books have been spoken for.  There were only eight available, so they will go to the first eight people who responded.   I will notify everyone who came in later by email.  Please … Continue readin...
ElvisBlog · 1M ago

Happy 13th Birthday, ElvisBlog

For a child, the 13th birthday is a big one – finally becoming a teenager. For ElvisBlog, it means that the first blog devoted to Elvis Presley keeps plugging along. When I started this proj...
ElvisBlog · 1M ago

Some Elvis Pictures I’ve Never Seen Before – Part 3

Remember this picture of sharp-looking Elvis from last week.  Alert reader Delores sent this message, “The photo with the number 256, below on the left, is cropped. The original is Elvis talking to Jim Brown on the set of ‘Roustabout.’”  … Continue r...
ElvisBlog · 1M ago

Some Elvis Pictures I’ve Never Seen – Part 2

Last weekend’s ElvisBlog post generated the most immediate comments I’ve ever seen (other than the get well wishes after my wife’s surgery).  It seems that posting Elvis pictures I find on P...
ElvisBlog · 1M ago

Some Elvis Pictures I’ve Never Seen Before (and you probably haven’t either)

When I come up with an idea for an ElvisBlog post, I often go to Google Images to find some new pictures to supplement what I’ve already got in my files. As I scroll down through all the cho...