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Emerald Guardians · 1W ago

Peacewalker: Stages of Spiritual Alchemy -Libra

Stage 7 – LIBRA – October 31 to November 22Alchemical Theme: Sublimation, TransmutationElement: AIR ATTENTIONAL HEALINGTerminate dismantle and remove false ArcAngel Michael and fallen first...
Emerald Guardians · 1W ago

Peacewalker: Breath of Expansion

The Breath of Omni-LoveThe communal code offerings have and continue to be a heart resonate blessing birthed from internal connections with source.This container is dedicated to the oraphim ...
Emerald Guardians · 1M ago

EnergeticSynthesis: Overcoming Fear - September 2017 - Newsletter

Overcoming Fear September 2017Overcoming Fear Your browser does not support this audio  Lisa ReneeDear Ascending Family, To Overcome Fear, we must comprehend the real reasons we fe...
Emerald Guardians · 2Y ago

Emerald Guardians Presents: The ` Eckasha Rha `

" Eckasha RhA "" Eckasha Rha "(2017)Computer Graphical Version  by: Ron Mayer  Color Edition by: Rha S ananda
Emerald Guardians · 3M ago

EnergeticSynthesis: Historical Timeline Trigger Events - August 2017 - Newsletter

x Historical Timeline Trigger Events Your browser does not support this audio August 2017Historical Timeline Trigger EventsLisa ReneeDear Ascending Family,This month we have an increase...
Emerald Guardians · 3M ago

Andrew's Insights: Relationships

 - Andrew's Insights - RelationshipsMost often, when people grow apart and one is more spiritual than the other, it was destined that way from the beginning. You chose a person who ...
Emerald Guardians · 4M ago

Essential Recognition: Eternal God/Source and the Reality of the Infinite,Eternal ONE & Living Perpetual Love & Awareness

Emerald Guardians · 4M ago

Peace Walker: Holy Trinity, Triwave Field of Living Light God Source Code is trinitized, as such this is the form of all sacred union. In Embodiment this refers to Hieros Gamos the fusion of the divine feminine and ma...
Emerald Guardians · 4M ago

Energetic Synthesis: Divide and Conquer Tactics - June 2017 - Newsletter

Divide and Conquer Tactics June 2017Divide and Conquer Tactics Your browser does not support this audio Lisa ReneeDear Ascending Family,Our Krystic families that live in the higher ...
Emerald Guardians · 6M ago

Energetic Synthesis: Genetic Engineering - Newsletter - April 2017

Genetic Engineering April 2017Genetic EngineeringLisa Renee Your browser does not support this audio Dear Ascending Family,The war over consciousness is bubbling to the surface, wi...