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Empty Nest · 15h ago

Adulting through Life and the Hodgepodge

Here we are back on Wednesday. Sadly, there's no winter weather this time other than cold and the predicted wet snow that will fall with the rain today while our friends further north within...
Empty Nest · 2d ago

Winter Decor at Grandma's House

Do Y'all ever watch HGTV or peruse blogs written by people who show their beautifully deco...
Empty Nest · 1w ago

Happily Indulging in the Hodgepodge

Here we are on Wednesday marking the end of our snow/ice days here in the low-country of SC. The snow is gone and the ice went with it. The kiddos were supposed to go back to school last Wed...
Empty Nest · 1W ago

How Old is OLD?

Some days I feel my old is old but in the scheme of things, it really isn't. Still, there are those days...the ones where we take the inventory before putting a foot outside the covers, where we think if we have to get up one more time to use the bat...
Empty Nest · 1W ago

Just One Day But It Was Glorious

They told us we'd have sleet turning to snow on Wednesday. It wasn't there when I woke up Wednesday morning but I wasn't expecting it until later in the AM so I sat and waited near the Frenc...
Empty Nest · 1W ago

Hey! It's Your Birthday!

Happy Birthday to this kid who can find the humor in any situation:
Empty Nest · 2W ago

A Snowy Hodgepodge

Hey, Y'all! The Hodgepodge is back! I hope everyone had as wonderful a Christmas as we did...
Empty Nest · 2W ago

Happy New Year, Y'all!

Wishing every single one of you the very best 2018 has to offer! 
Empty Nest · 2W ago

Finding that Word of the Year

It's the time of year to start all that nonsense about making resolutions. I don't participate because I know myself well enough to know I won't be keeping them so why bother. It's like when...
Empty Nest · 3W ago

Holding On To Christmas

I tried to hold on to Christmas this year, I truly did. As soon as I felt time speeding aw...