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Emuna Daily · 14h ago

What will the Angels say?

The Midrash says that if a person habitually judges others negatively and speaks against them, the angels above also speak against him. ~ Chofetz Chaim
Emuna Daily · 1d ago

My Mitzvah

The Chofetz Chaim zt’l was serving and caring for a guest who said, “I can take care of it myself. You don’t have to do this for me.” “Really?” the Chofetz Chaim replied, “and will you also ...
Emuna Daily · 2d ago

Covering the Challahs

According to halacha, if you have both bread and wine in front of you, the Hamotzi over the bread comes first.  However, our Sages ruled that on Shabbos, Kiddush on the wine should come firs...
Emuna Daily · 3d ago


One who desires the attention of others has not yet found himself. ~ R’ Shlomo Wolbe zt”l
Emuna Daily · 4d ago

Brachos with Kavanah

The Arizal taught, “The primary matter which leads to ruach hakadosh is to say the brachos over food with kavanah.” The Arizal explains that there are kelipos in the food, and the kelipos ca...
Emuna Daily · 5d ago


How much more beauty a believing man sees in the world, in his realization that what he sees is intended as beauty, and is not merely an accident of atoms.  ~ R’ Shraga Silverstein zt”l
Emuna Daily · 6d ago

Truly Married

No man can consider himself truly married until he understands every word his wife is not saying.  ~ Lord Mancroft
Emuna Daily · 1w ago

Judge Favorably

If one hears lashon hara that he knows to be true, but the subject could have been judged favorably, he may not accept the speaker’s unfavorable judgment.  If he does so, he transgresses the...
Emuna Daily · 1W ago

A few guys sitting at a bar…

In communist Russia, there was a group of people who studied Torah in a basement. It was crowded there, but they were afraid to study in the open. There was one person, who didn’t understand...
Emuna Daily · 1W ago

Studying Torah

Referring to Dovid HaMelech, Hashem said “it is better for me one day that you study Torah than the thousand sacrifices that your son Shlomo will bring on the mizbeiach.” ~ Talmud Shabbos 30...