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Emuna Daily · 2d ago

Flame of a Candle

The flame of candle, representative of the Jewish soul (Mishlei 20:27), always points upwards. Under all circumstances, it refuses to face down. A Jew is the same. He is always growing, deve...
Emuna Daily · 3d ago


In Israel, to be a realist, you have to believe in miracles. ~ David Ben Gurion
Emuna Daily · 4d ago

No Obstacles

If you’re doing something and there are no objections or obstacles to overcome, it’s a pretty sure sign that what you’re doing isn’t very important. ~ R’ Shlomo Carlebach zt”l
Emuna Daily · 5d ago

Guarantee for a Happy Life

If you are sincerely interested in having a guarantee for a happy life, learn to accept what cannot be changed. ~ R’ Zeliig Pliskin
Emuna Daily · 6d ago

Just One Condition

Hashem is more than happy to give us our heart’s wishes — but only on condition that they’re good for us. ~ R’ Lazer Brody
Emuna Daily · 1W ago

Every Single Thing!

Everything is by Divine Providence…Every single thing a person sees or hears is an instruction to him in his conduct and service of God. ~ The Baal Shem Tov – frequently quoted by the Lubavi...
Emuna Daily · 1W ago

A Holocaust Story

It was during those difficult and dark years in Auschwitz that the Nazis ym”s gathered together a group of girls and women and transported them in cattle cars to the hills to construct a dam...
Emuna Daily · 1W ago

The Chosen Ones

During a television interview in Germany, Reb Shlomo Carlebach zt”l was asked “The Jewish people claim that they are the Chosen people.  What makes you different from the Nazis [yemach shema...
Emuna Daily · 1W ago

Who do you Trust?

If you do not trust God, you will inevitably trust someone or something else.  God will then put you under the care of the one you trust, rather than His own.  ~ R’ Bahya Ibn Paquda zt”l
Emuna Daily · 1W ago

The Aftermath of Pesach

Each year, our Haggadah collections get larger and we learn new insights on the depths of the Pesach Seder.  New teachings and deeper understanding is, of course, very important.  But there ...