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Emuna Daily · 20h ago

Eternal Moment

Our purpose in this world is to take a fleeting moment and transform it into an eternal moment. ~ Rav Shach zt”l
Emuna Daily · 3d ago

Build that Wall

In morality as in national security, the most crucial job is the guarding of the boundaries. ~ R’ Shraga Silverstein zt”l
Emuna Daily · 4d ago

The Main Cause

I cannot emphasize enough the principle that whenever you do something wrong, ask yourself, “What fault was the main cause?” By overcoming that fault, you will greatly improve all of your fu...
Emuna Daily · 5d ago

Be Gentle

“You shall surely rebuke your neighbor” (Leviticus 19:17) is a commandment, but someone who cannot rebuke gently, without hurting the other’s feelings, is free from the obligation to rebuke....
Emuna Daily · 6d ago

No Pilot?

A lack of emuna is like a passenger on an airline who doesn’t believe that there’s a pilot in the cockpit. ~ R’ Lazer Brody
Emuna Daily · 1w ago

Be Prepared

Before difficulties arise, think in advance about what could go wrong, and then try to work out potential solutions.  By devising a variety of solutions, you will be prepared to cope in a pr...
Emuna Daily · 1W ago

Make that 3rd meal

Rabbi Shimon Ben Pazzi said: A person who observes the practice of eating three Shabbos meals is saved from three calamities – the pangs of the advent of Mashiach, the suffering of Gehinnom,...
Emuna Daily · 1W ago

It Gives Purpose

A group of Chasidim complained to the Chidushei HaRim zt”l about their yetzer hara that was constantly disturbing them from serving Hashem.  The Chidushei HaRim told them, “What purpose woul...
Emuna Daily · 1W ago


Rabbi Chanina Ben Dosa would say: “Anyone who calms his fellow’s soul also calms God’s spirit.  But someone who does not calm his fellow’s soul, neither is God’s spirit calmed by him.” ~ Pir...
Emuna Daily · 1W ago

One Step Further

True emuna permeates the heart and the brain; true bitachon goes one step further and permeates the wallet. ~ R’ Lazer Brody