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Endless Journey · 8M ago

when shadows cover the words

When shadows cover the words all that remain are heartbeats woven around seconds, lips now just a silence-bleeding scar, and recycled oxygen. The scent of empty daylight slithers into senses...
Endless Journey · 9M ago

call me

call me when you’ll be old so old that the only thing making sense to your tired hands will be to open the windows during sunrise and to latch them back at dusk, when any name you’d call wil...
Endless Journey · 9M ago


a squeak suddenly crossing the humid silence – the door or my joints? © Liliana Negoi 2016Filed under: haiku
Endless Journey · 10M ago


first day of autumn – the V of migrating geese like mom’s signature © Liliana Negoi 2016 Filed under: haiku
Endless Journey · 11M ago

just a thought

If we managed to make a glass from the sands of time and then looked through it would we be able to see the light of the first star ever touching the death of the last star ever like God tou...
Endless Journey · 11M ago


after i die people will caress the bones of my words they’ll gather them from the paper with their eyelids they’ll embrace them with their thoughts like the thighs of a woman those of her ma...
Endless Journey · 11M ago

the was of the will be

for a friend who makes me think🙂 i open your book of poems just like old priests open the bible in search for masked predictions of future – and just like those priests i find that the futur...
Endless Journey · 1Y ago


in the old seashell i can still listen to the sound of the ocean – aside that, in the whole house there is such a deep silence…   originally written in Romanian © 2016 Liliana NegoiFiled und...
Endless Journey · 1Y ago

when it’s too hot at night

the moon slides through our fingers like an old and rusty coin oxidized by dreams and by the sour scent of saliva mixed with the stingy one of the sweat – we weave our touches like a rope wi...
Endless Journey · 1Y ago

My foot step

My foot step after rain is like a lake with sour water in the path of an ant carrying on its back the welfare of the anthill: the ant will circle its shore which will shrink more and more, w...