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English Historical Fiction Authors Castles, Customs, and Kings, Banquets and Balls

English Historical Fiction Authors · 1d ago

Yeavering – Anglo-Saxon Royal Palace

by Annie Whitehead“So great is said to have been the fervour of the faith of the Northumbr...
English Historical Fiction Authors · 2d ago


THE FACES OF WILLIAM SHAKESPEAREA comparison of the three earliest portraits, compiled by Stratford Brice from Public Domain Art- WikimediaThe three earliest portraits of Will Shakespeare are compared above.  The first two were likely painted while h...
English Historical Fiction Authors · 3d ago

St. Germanus: A Reluctant Bishop

by Kim RendfeldGermanus would have a great influence on Christianity in 5th century Britain, but in his early life, he did not believe God called him to the priesthood.Born around 380 in Auxerre to a noble family, Germanus was well educated in the li...
English Historical Fiction Authors · 5d ago

The Dangers of the Victorian Pleasure Garden

by Mimi MatthewsThe Dancing Platform at Cremorne Gardens by Phoebus Levin, 1864.When think...
English Historical Fiction Authors · 6d ago

Editors' Weekly Round-up, September 17, 2017

by the EHFA EditorsJoin us every week for quality articles on all aspects of British histo...
English Historical Fiction Authors · 1W ago

Henrietta Maria and the English Crown Jewels

By J.G. HarlondQueen Henrietta Maria (1638) by Sir Anthony Van Dyck (in Windsor Castle)  Who owns the British Crown Jewels? If asked, what would you say: the monarchy; the reigning monarch of the time; the State or the people of Great Britain?The que...
English Historical Fiction Authors · 1W ago

London in 1800: A Stranger's Arrival

By Mark Patton.Between 1801 and 1841, the population of London increased by an average of ...
English Historical Fiction Authors · 1W ago

Henry Tudor at Raglan Castle

by Judith ArnoppRaglan CastleAt the start of the wars of the roses Margaret Beaufort was a relatively insignificant member of the house of Lancaster but after years of struggle she and her son, Henry became the ultimate victors. During her years of s...
English Historical Fiction Authors · 1W ago

Rights and responsibilities of land ownership

by Maria GraceBy the time of the 1801 census, England had a population of just over eight ...
English Historical Fiction Authors · 1W ago

Editors' Weekly Round-up, September 10, 2017

by the EHFA EditorsEnjoy this week's posts -The Interesting History of London's Cheyne Walkand Its Famed Residentsby Cheryl BolenThe Brothers Penderelby Cryssa Bazos