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Enlightenment For Schmucks · 3d ago

Look Directly at the Sun

Look directly at the Sun See the depths, the explosive rays Be not afraid of its blinding Light For behind every bright burst you’ll find a wise old sage. Look directly at the Sun Get burned...
Enlightenment For Schmucks · 6M ago

Random Sagittarian Bluntness: Words for the Journey

I will be taking a break and reposting some former works. I will be back with new Random Sagittarian Bluntness soon. Until then, remember that without knowing how we hit the ground, we canno...
Enlightenment For Schmucks · 6d ago

A Mammoth Undertaking Made Manageable

There’s a classic song by Fleetwood Mac called The Chain that laments love lost due to disloyalty, and its scorn-laden lyrics resonate with millions of people who have experienced the loss o...
Enlightenment For Schmucks · 1W ago

Random Sagittarian Bluntness: The Not so Airy-fairy Side of Being an Empath

It took me a long time, but I completely unplug when my empathic antennae switches their frequency to… “Wait, this person is a jerk, I see why they are a jerk, and still feel pulled to help ...
Enlightenment For Schmucks · 2W ago

Happy Birthday to Me!

I’m visiting family this week, and for my birthday week I thought I’d rerun one of my favorite articles to celebrate. I’ll be back with new posts next week…   If you’ve ever observed an olde...
Enlightenment For Schmucks · 2W ago

Random Sagittarian Bluntness: Food for Thought

    Image Credit: Pixabay The post Random Sagittarian Bluntness: Food for Thought appeared first on Enlightenment For Schmucks.
Enlightenment For Schmucks · 3W ago

Manifesting Magic: Healing the Inner Child

This month I’ve been doing some healing around an issue that for far too long I’ve kept under wraps: pulling back up to the surface the magic inherent in “little me”, which has been stuffed ...
Enlightenment For Schmucks · 3W ago

Random Sagittarian Bluntness: In the End

Chester Bennington died today. By the time this posts, it will be old news–the conversations will have gone from a murmur to a buzz and do their trending and tweeting from one end of the Ear...
Enlightenment For Schmucks · 4W ago

Writing for Life

Author and AllWrite? Founder Debbie Jinks was the next to answer the question I posed in her Facebook group: How has writing changed your life? Here is her heartwarming story of starting lif...
Enlightenment For Schmucks · 1M ago

Random Sagittarian Bluntness: What is Sunshine?

To say I have had an absolutely maddening two weeks would be an understatement. From quite a few “what the” moments of ridiculously disrespectful words shaking me to my core, to deaths, and ...