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enthusiasm noted · 8M ago

iPhoneography Apps – A return with tips on iColorama’s Text on a Curve

Life does go on, and people still have questions on mobile photo/art apps, so here we are with some tips on the latest feature for iColorama, Txtcurve. In July 2015 I wrote about an app call...
enthusiasm noted · 12M ago

Song of the Day – Marking Eight Years – “Allentown” – Billy Joel

Although I am no longer posting songs every day, and can’t find the optimism to post a daily diversion, I thought it would be good to mark the eight year anniversary of the Song of the Day. ...
enthusiasm noted · 1Y ago

iPhoneography Apps – Four years of tutorials; iColorama basic photo enhancement

Well, another year has gone by. Four years ago, the day after the last US presidential elections, I started posting tutorials on iPhoneography apps. A lot has changed in those four years. I’...
enthusiasm noted · 1Y ago

Song of the Day – “New Music” Wednesday – “QQQ” – Heimer

Everyone is stupid everyone is dumb shout out to the moon shout out to the sun Why would I choose this glitch-pop song from Heimer on November 9? Hmm, I have no idea. From Teilzeit Swag.
enthusiasm noted · 1Y ago


Hatred and ignorance have won.  Although I have never been diagnosed with clinical depression, I have a dark viewpoint, always seeing the worst side of things. But it never seemed to affect ...
enthusiasm noted · 1Y ago

Song of the Day – “Name’s the same” Tuesday – “Little America”

R.E.M. – Karla DeVito Rally round your leaders it’s the mediator season I’ve just got to hope Little America still exists after today. From their sophomore album, Reckoning. They were travel...
enthusiasm noted · 1Y ago

Song of the Day – “My Mistake” – Kingbees

Many new wave bands turned to rockabilly as their sound of choice (Stray Cats, Elvis Brothers), just like the Kingbees did. Their lead singer, Jamie James, performed for a couple of years wi...
enthusiasm noted · 1Y ago

Song of the Day – “Politics Aside” – Everything But the Girl

Let’s set Politics Aside and listen to this beautiful tune from Ben Watt and Tracey Thorn. From 1991’s Worldwide.
enthusiasm noted · 1Y ago

Song of the Day – “Don’t Worry About the Government” – Talking Heads

This song from Talking Heads ’77 is not overtly political, despite the word “government” the title. It’s a plea to relax about all the things that pile up on us. I see the states, across thi...
enthusiasm noted · 1Y ago

Song of the Day – “I Blew Up the United States” – Was (Not Was)

Was (Not Was) asked the musical question Are You OK? with their 1990 album. I gotta say no, man, no. This shit’s getting too real. It’s a free country I’m within my rights Every child should...