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Enthusiastic Artist · 1M ago


The DivaCZT's challenge this week is the tangle Orbs-la-dee from Anneke van Dam. It's a tangle I've used before but had sort of forgotten about. I did three tiles in the crunch time before w...
Enthusiastic Artist · 1M ago

Trifle - a new tangle!

I call this Trifle because it's a 'triangle fill' (tri-fill). At first I just thought of i...
Enthusiastic Artist · 1M ago

How "Treeline" came to be

By now you probably know that I love depicting houses and trees.Interjection:  About three years ago I had done a series of tiles of the seven chakras. Each of the seven lotus mandalas is on a white Zentangle tile; I used a color wash, pen and ink, c...
Enthusiastic Artist · 1M ago

Striping, with a twist

The Zentangle tangle Striping isn't simply any old stripes. It's a method of placing striped sections beside each other for interesting effects. Sandy Bartholomew, CZT, offers simple step-ou...
Enthusiastic Artist · 2M ago

Bookmarks galore! (Part four)

Finally, the last batch of the 334 bookmarks I made as gifts for the zenAgain event in November 2016. This was a lot of fun, although I was mostly making bookmarks for two or three months!
Enthusiastic Artist · 2M ago


This week the DivaCZT challenges us to use the tangle Moowa designed by Anya Ipsen, a CZT in Hamburg, Germany. I have a number of swaps from the Travelling Tangles Project on Facebook so I d...
Enthusiastic Artist · 2M ago

Bookmarks galore! (Part three)

Previously I showed the first third of the 334 bookmarks I made as gifts to the zenAgain attendees and zentangle staff. Here is the next batch. The final third is coming soon!
Enthusiastic Artist · 2M ago

Reticula/Fragment - DivaCZT challenge Part 2

I missed part one of this challenge, but I've been wanting to further investigate the idea of reticulae and fragments, so here goes!I found this tile in a stack that I wanted to sort and fil...
Enthusiastic Artist · 2M ago

Bookmarks galore! (Part two)

Here is the first third of the 334 bookmarks I made as gifts for the zenAgain event. Even this may be overload! I took photos as they were completed, in groups of 32 because that's what fit on the surface I used for the photography.The rest are comin...
Enthusiastic Artist · 3M ago

Bookmarks galore! (Part one)

Some years ago Rick and Maria put on a Zentangle event called a 'Master Class'. I wasn't a...