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Epic Book Quest · 2W ago

Book Excerpt – Stone in a Sling: A Soldier’s Journey by Scott A. Meehan

Whenever I fell asleep, it was sound. I worked from 0700 hours until midnight, six days a week. I had to—in a war zone. I remember when morning came too soon once. It was an hour too early. ...
Epic Book Quest · 3W ago

Happy Independence Day!

Wishing our readers a safe and happy Independence day!
Epic Book Quest · 1M ago

Just Try It Wyatt and Please Be Quiet Wyatt by Kelsey Fox

“Wyatt did not like to try new things…” In this adorable first installment of “The Adventures of Wyatt” series by Kelsey Fox, Wyatt learns that it can actually be fun to try new things. Full...
Epic Book Quest · 2M ago

Champion Your Career: Winning in the World of Work by Halimah Bellows

Career counselor and coach, Halimah Bellows, delivers an insightful guide designed to help lead readers through the process of both choosing and pursuing a career that is the right fit for t...
Epic Book Quest · 2M ago

Featured Book: Helicopter Mom by Bethany Douglas

We’ve all heard the term ‘helicopter mom’- parents who ‘hover’ over their children in an attempt to keep them happy, safe, healthy, and alive. They hover because they fear. Helicopter Mom di...
Epic Book Quest · 3M ago

Featured Book: Into the Skies: A World War I Aviator Story by Christopher Carroll

This story portrays an American who gets caught up in World War One as an ‘aviator’ from the beginning to the end, an unusual achievement, which makes for an absorbing tale. The author has t...
Epic Book Quest · 3M ago

Understanding Roots: Discover How to Make Your Garden Flourish by Robert Kourik

Organic landscaper and author Robert Kourik sheds light on the fascinating world of plant roots in this wonderful resource for gardeners. At over 200 pages, this large book is packed with a ...
Epic Book Quest · 4M ago

God the Reason: How Infinite Excellence Gives Unbreakable Faith by Craig Biehl

Christian theologian and apologist Craig Biehl presents a compelling and solidly scripture-based approach to defending the faith in his wonderful book, God The Reason.  Rather than refuting,...
Epic Book Quest · 4M ago

Randy Bamboo in Chicken City by RC Beaird

Randy is moving to the country, and he can’t wait to get his very first chickens! In this adorable children’s book by author RC Beaird, young readers will follow along with Randy as he moves...
Epic Book Quest · 5M ago

Roam by Erik Therme

Sarah is having a horrible birthday. Her car has broken down on the side of the road, stranding her and her drunken boyfriend in the middle of nowhere. When a heated argument gets out of han...