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Erica B.'s - DIY Style! · 1W ago

Review: McCall's 7660 | Grommet Sleeve Pullover + Tutorial

I've been saying for the longest that I can't get enough of cute tops to just throw-on-and...
Erica B.'s - DIY Style! · 3W ago

Review: McCall's 7392 | The 1970's Button Front Corduroy Skirt!

Mikaela asked me to make her this skirt. This is McCall's 7392.I'd previously made view A for her summer of 2016. I cut the size 6 in a stretch denim. I topstitched with silver contrasting thread and used silver snaps. She has worn this skirt so much...
Erica B.'s - DIY Style! · 4W ago

Review: McCall's 7688 | The Ruffle Sweatshirt!

I love when a spin is put on basic things that you can wear everyday to make them a little...
Erica B.'s - DIY Style! · 4W ago

Review: McCall's 7518 | Plaid Pajama Onesie!

It's comfy pajama season! Mikaela requested for the Thanksgiving holiday that I make her s...
Erica B.'s - DIY Style! · 1M ago

The Lady Tux for the Holidays!

Sometimes, you just don't want to wear a dress, so a fabulous suit will fit the bill for an evening look. Suits are so popular this season in women's wear that I knew I had to make a couple. More to come... Maybe Hillary started a trend. Or maybe we'...
Erica B.'s - DIY Style! · 1M ago

Sew Jeans with a 3-Thread Overlock + Chain Stitch Tutorial!

I've sewn a lot of jeans throughout the years. Closet Case Ginger Jeans and Trend Patterns...
Erica B.'s - DIY Style! · 1M ago

Jeans & a Bodysuit MIGHT Be My New Uniform!

So, it looks as though I've found my new fall uniform: a bodysuit with jeans! I've never really been a t-shirt and jeans, kinda chick. So, something just as comfortable, but with much more pizzazz and flair with the added plus of not having to worry ...
Erica B.'s - DIY Style! · 1M ago

New Winter/Holiday Patterns!

Let's just jump right into it!I wasn't initially feeling any of the new Vogues. It took a minute for me to look through the line drawings. This Guy Laroche stood out. I love separates and these are some pretty interesting pieces. HOWEVER -- I would n...
Erica B.'s - DIY Style! · 1M ago

Hot Pink Cords + A Silk Blouse from GANT!

Fall is simply the season for napped fabrics! Last week, I talked about sewing velvet. Velvet is such a hot, huge trend right now, quite naturally it would spark an interest in corduroy.Elle Magazine
Erica B.'s - DIY Style! · 2M ago

Vogue 2606 | The PERFECT Little Black Dress!

I haven't made a little black dress in a while and I thought it was about time. So I reached way back in my pattern cabinet for Vogue 2606 from Ralph Lauren.This pattern is 27 years old, so I guess that pretty much qualifies it as vintage. But the st...