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Erica's Blog · 10M ago

Gee, where did Erica GO?

Short answer?  I went back to the 9-5 office world mid-February and haven't really had much time for blogging or knitting (I wouldn't be posting today except I have the day off).First Day Ji...
Erica's Blog · 12M ago

Crafty(ish) +

There was no Crafty Chat this week, but I have a leetle bit to report on the crafty and cooking front:After a couple of weeks of no knitting (some of that time I was sick), I got some knitti...
Erica's Blog · 1Y ago


Let's have a SALE!  From now through 11:59:59 on January 27th, if you purchase ALL FOUR of my Macbeth-inspired patterns from Defarge Does Shakespeare together as a bundle, you will get them ...
Erica's Blog · 1Y ago

Today - Just A Few Words

Did I watch President Trump's inauguration?  Yes.Did I watch Obama's inaguration?  Yes.Which one of them did I vote for?  Neither.As far as I'm concerned, the installation of a new President...
Erica's Blog · 1Y ago

Instant Pot

Yes, after a year of watching several friends post about theirs and seeing nary a negative comment, on Black Friday we took advantage of the sales and jumped on the Instant Pot bandwagon .Wh...
Erica's Blog · 1Y ago

Sick Day Haiku

A full coffee cup.Resting dog suddenly barks.I am drenched, angry.
Erica's Blog · 1Y ago

Puppy Update

Honey's doing great.  We'd be glad if she got better at the whole housetraining thing, but part of that is on us - we need to be more alert to her signs that she needs to go (she's not nearl...
Erica's Blog · 1Y ago

(We) Had Happy Holidays!

Despite having no ornaments on the tree and no gifts under the tree until Christmas Eve (a safety precaution because we've never had a puppy in the house at Christmas time), our house and da...
Erica's Blog · 1Y ago

Making Memories v. Accumulating Stuff

Heather and I were talking the other day about creative Christmas gifts for our kids that would be more focused on having experiences and making memories than on getting more stuff to clutte...
Erica's Blog · 1Y ago

Stash Enhancement, Knitting, Cooking, Puppy...Oh, MY!

With birthdays often comes stash enhancement.  This year was no different.  Thanks to not one, but TWO generous Webs gift cards, I was able to add to my project bags, needles, and sock yarn:...