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Erin Dishes Nutrition Dishing up healthy bites for a healthy life!

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Erin Dishes Nutrition · 10M ago

2nd Blogiversary

It’s Erin Dishes Nutrition 2nd Blogiversary! Hard to believe two years have gone by since I started this blog. And I have to be honest. Lately I’ve been struggling. I’ve been struggling with...
Erin Dishes Nutrition · 11M ago

Dishing Up: Potato Salad with Sunflower Greens

It’s a little odd don’t ya think? I mean, it’s almost the end of May I haven’t even mentioned…FARMERS MARKET!!! Well, okay. I have to admit I’ve been a little lax on my farmers market visita...
Erin Dishes Nutrition · 11M ago

May is International Mediterranean Diet Month

Yeah, well okay – I hate the word “diet”. So let’s call it Mediterranean Style Eating Plan Month. Yup –  don’t ya that sounds much better. 🙂 Anyway, have you heard of it? Do you know what it...
Erin Dishes Nutrition · 11M ago

New Food Labels Spotted!

I spy a new food label! Take a look – does it look different to you? Do you see the changes? Well, the first thing I notice is the calories are listed in a larger font and are bolded to boot...
Erin Dishes Nutrition · 12M ago

Dishing Up: Fennel Apple Chicken Salad

Are you on Instagram? Well if you are, and you follow me, you may remember my first spatchcock. I’ll admit I was a little nervous at first. But guess what? It’s super easy! Oh, wait – you do...
Erin Dishes Nutrition · 1Y ago

Happy Easter!

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Erin Dishes Nutrition · 1Y ago

Dishing Up: Split Pea & Ham Bone Soup

Easter’s right around the corner. Chances are if you celebrate Easter, there’s probably a ham in your future. Right? And hopefully it’ll be a big bone-in one that’ll be sitting on your dinne...
Erin Dishes Nutrition · 1Y ago

Hummus on Demand?

Hummus. I think by now you know I’m a fan. But what’s this? Hummus on demand? Really? Hmmm – I was intrigued. Fresh hummus on demand – sounds like a good idea, right? Okay well, let me tell ...
Erin Dishes Nutrition · 1Y ago

Best Fork Forward: Be Physically Active Doing An Activity You Enjoy

Okay, so eating healthier foods is important – right? But you know what else is important? Being physically active. Did you know being active can make you feel stronger, help fight stress, a...
Erin Dishes Nutrition · 1Y ago

Best Fork Forward: Eat and Drink the Right Amount for You

How much you should eat or drink? Do you know? Probably not – right? The answer? It depends. I know – what kind of answer is that! But it really truly is dependent on many things – age, gend...